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Actualización en vivo de noticias de Covid de Australia: millones en Nueva Gales del Sur despiertan a nuevas libertades después 106 días de encierro

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Pubs, cafés, venta minorista, peluquerías y gimnasios reabren en Nueva Gales del Sur; Victoria planea para su "economía vacunada". Siga todas las noticias del día en directo

University defends ‘academic freedoms’ after calls to sack professor

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A university has said it will not tolerate threats to “academic freedoms” after a professor faced calls to be sacked over her views on gender identification. An anonymous group is campaigning to remove Kathleen Stock,...

Macron tells critics: vaccine passport will protect all our freedoms

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When the Great Plague struck Marseille in 1720, killing more than half of the city’s population, travellers were ordered to carry a “bill of health” and ships arriving at the Mediterranean port underwent a 40-day cord...

Berliners feel ‘the warm glow of our freedoms returning’

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It’s Friday night in Berlin and I’m roaming along Kreuzberg’s Oranienstrasse with a friend. We can hardly believe the palpable buzz and sight of dining tables stacked with wine coolers, large white plates laden with s...

Enjoy freedoms but stay wary of risks, PM says as England reopens

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People should enjoy new freedoms but remain wary of the risks, Boris Johnson ha dicho, as beer gardens, alfresco restaurants, shops and salons prepared to reopen across England on Monday for the first time in almost f...

‘Like getting out of prison’: Welsh grasp new travel freedoms

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The rain was falling steadily and the Pembrokeshire coast in south-west Wales was being buffeted by strong winds, but the Moran family were not worried about the weather. “It’s great to be back,” said Jonathan Moran, ...