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Journalists in China face ‘nightmare’ worthy of Mao era, press freedom group says

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Xi Jinping has created a “nightmare” of media oppression worthy of the Mao era, and Hong Kong’s journalism is in “freefall”, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF). In a major report released on Wednesday, the j...

Malcolm X’s former prison cell becomes first of 1,000 planned ‘freedom libraries’

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Malcolm X writes in his autobiography of how he spent hours reading in the library at Norfolk Prison in Massachusetts. Now the cell that the human rights activist is believed to have occupied is set to be transformed ...

Can artistic freedom survive in Sudan? The writing’s on the wall…

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In the new dawn of a heady post-revolutionary era, Suzannah Mirghani returned in 2019 to the country of her birth for the first time in years. Her mission was to shoot a short film on Sudanese soil. It proved unexpect...

'n Nuwe begin na 60: ‘I was done. Burnt out. Then I moved into a motorhome and found freedom’

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Siobhan Daniels is giving a virtual tour of her home. “I’ve got my gin bar," sy sê, flicking on decorative lights, “an oven big enough for Christmas lunch ... and a full-size shower and toilet.” The moment she walk...

NBA star and activist changes name to Enes Kanter Freedom

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Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter is changing his name to “Enes Kanter Freedom” as he prepares to become a US citizen. Kanter’s manager, Hank Fetic, told the Associated Press that Kanter will have his citizenship oath...

Jailed Wuhan journalist Zhang Zhan nominated for RSF press freedom award

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The detained Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan has been nominated for a Reporters Without Borders (RSF) press freedom award for courage, recognising her work reporting from Wuhan in the early weeks of the pandemic, as cal...

Pret en vryheid inspireer Jos Buttler se vreeslose beurt teen Australië

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Die T20 Wêreldbeker is op 'n baie spesifieke klankbaan gespeel. Die stadion-DJ's was die meeste opvallend, vul elke makroskopiese pouse in die spel met oorversterkte geskerts en brokkies uit 'n eienaardig saamgestelde pla...

Suid-Australië se 'vryheidsdag' om toeriste te bring, geliefdes en Covid-gevalle

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Aan 23 November, Suid-Australië sal sy deure oopmaak vir toeriste, aan geliefdes, aan inwoners wat uiteindelik terugkeer huis toe – en na Covid. Ander state en lande het dit "vryheidsdag" genoem wanneer hulle flikkerend na vore kom..

Forget net zero – let’s have a ‘fossil freedom day’

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The important thing about any agenda isn’t so much what’s on it, but what is missing. And so it is with the 21st UN climate change conference (Cop26), in Glasgow. There are some crucial issues up for discussion and ne...

‘Freedom’: exhibition celebrates Barcelona’s 1970s counterculture

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When Spain’s repressive dictatorship finally came to a close with the death of Francisco Franco in 1975, the counterculture that had been bubbling away for years elsewhere in Europe arrived with a bang. “After years o...

In Rodrigo Duterte’s war on press freedom, Maria Ressa stands up for the truth

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For the first time, a Filipino person, Maria Ressa, has been awarded the Nobel peace prize – “a win for Filipinos, for journalists, and for the global fight to uphold press freedom,” as her colleague Lian Buan puts it...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: NSW staar 'n hobbelrige pad na vryheid in die gesig; Protespolisie in Melbourne toets positief

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Dokters, onderwysers en sake -lugbesorgdheid voordat NSW -beperkings verlig is; polisie in die voorste linie in Melbourne besmet tydens onlangse betogings. Volg al die nuus van die dag regstreeks

Gavin Newsom vows to make California a ‘reproductive freedom state’

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The California governor signed two laws that aim to protect the privacy of abortion providers and their patients, declaring the state to be a “reproductive freedom state” and drawing a sharp contrast with Texas and it...

Internetvryheid neem af in die VSA en wêreldwyd, studie bevind

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Aanlynvryheid neem wêreldwyd steeds af, volgens 'n nuwe studie, met regerings wat toenemend toeslaan op gebruikers se toespraak en verkeerde inligting wat toeneem. Die verslag van Freedom House, 'n Washington DC-bas ...

‘They sacrificed their freedom’: remembering incarcerated black activists

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When artists choose to deal with the black liberation movement, it’s most often the legacy: the freedoms, the historical posters, the imagery. But it’s the present, as the artist and activist Sophia Dawson tells the G...

Derek Bromley to make one last bid for freedom after nearly 40 years in jail for murder

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A man who has spent almost 40 years in prison in South Australia for a murder he says he did not commit will soon make a final bid for freedom. Derek Bromley was jailed for life for the murder of Stephen Docoza, whose...

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