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Dijo que nunca hubo duda de que Estados Unidos respondería al ataque de Rusia a Ucrania., how long will you sacrifice your children on the altar of gun worship?

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America’s great appeal to the world was its promise of possibility. It presented itself as virgin territory, a tabula rasa where a society could form anew, free of the past, and where individuals might do the same, re...

Don’t just condemn our lying PM: save some anger for the cowards who enabled him

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Digest for a moment the words of Sir Charles Walker, a Tory MP once bent on toppling the prime minister, but no longer. “Love him or loathe him,” says the lapsed rebel, comparing his party leader to a cricket all-roun...

Johnson blames today’s Brexit woes on Brussels – that’s a load of old bull

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It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally spotted one of those “Brexit opportunities” cited in the job title of the cabinet minister Jacob Rees-Mogg. Thanks to the UK’s departure from the European Union, the British govern...

Esto es lo que hemos aprendido: Starmer no puede deslumbrar como Blair, pero aún podría librarnos de Johnson

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Bien, pero no lo suficientemente bueno. Keir Starmer podría tragarse eso como una descripción del desempeño laborista en las elecciones locales del jueves.. La tarea que enfrenta ahora es asegurarse de que esas palabras no se conviertan en su mensaje político..

Jacob Rees-Mogg ha delatado el juego: incluso este gobierno sabe que Brexit es un desastre

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La definición de un error es cuando un político dice la verdad accidentalmente.. Así dictaminó el veterano periodista de Washington Michael Kinsley, quien seguramente se deleitaría con el ejemplo de libro de texto de la forma presentada en T...

Every day Boris Johnson clings on, our democracy rots a little bit more

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We can’t know for certain how long Boris Johnson will survive as prime minister or whether his departure is indeed, as one of his ministers whispers, “a matter of when, not if”. But there are two things we do know, be...

Johnson should stay because of Ukraine? Nonsense. The war makes it more urgent he go

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Of all the spurious arguments advanced for Boris Johnson to stay in office even though he broke the law, there’s one that stands out. Not because it’s the most offensive: De hecho, the stink given off by some of the ot...

Putin still has friends in the west – and they’re gaining ground

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That picture of Vladimir Putin, alone at the end of a long Kremlin table, may prove one of the enduring images of this war – but it is deceiving. Because although every day brings fresh confirmation that the Russian d...

As the bombs rain down, I remember my family’s history – and know we must do more to save Ukraine

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Every time I look at the pictures of Mariupol or Kharkiv, I see a corner of Whitechapel in east London. I reacted the same way to images of Aleppo and, before that, Falluja and, before that, Grozny, because buildings ...

Putin’s war on Ukraine will shake our world as much as 9/11. Let’s not make the same mistakes

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Just as a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut, so Liz Truss has put her finger on something true. On Thursday the foreign secretary gave a speech, in which she declared: “The invasion of Ukraine is a paradigm shif...

This bloody invasion is turning the march of history into a sprint – and it’s not going Putin’s way

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History has broken into a sprint. Changes that were imagined to be the work of generations, or even centuries, have happened in days. Geopolitical shifts whose impact will endure for decades have come in hours. All wa...

el maltrato animal y las normas de salud y seguridad también deben ser abandonadas, el maltrato animal y las normas de salud y seguridad también deben ser abandonadas: el maltrato animal y las normas de salud y seguridad también deben ser abandonadas

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The History Channel is broadcasting live. The US commentator who made that quip meant that events currently unfolding in Ukraine will be remembered for many decades to come, that future generations of schoolchildren w...

How can Jacob Rees-Mogg find ‘Brexit opportunities’? They don’t exist

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Jacob Rees-Mogg reminds me of a kipper. A very specific kipper, resting on a plastic pillow of ice, which intruded into the public consciousness back in 2019, when Boris Johnson held it aloft, proclaiming it as an exa...

Johnson’s Savile smear was the scorched-earth tactic of a desperate, dangerous man

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That sound you can hear is the whirr of 650 adding machines. At Westminster, MPs are totting up the costs, tallying the benefits and working out the balance of their own interests. On the Tory benches, they know a mom...

We don’t need Sue Gray’s report to tell us that Britain is run by a liar

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It’s beginning to look a lot like a cover-up. Is that too cynical? Maybe we should just congratulate Boris Johnson on a wonderful piece of luck, a convenient turn of events just in the nick of time. Having seen nothin...

This scandal reveals a Conservative party corrupted by Boris Johnson – and by Brexit

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Just because Boris Johnson approaches every issue thinking only of Boris Johnson does not mean we have to do the same. Even the crisis that now engulfs the prime minister, and sees his fate hang on Tory MPs’ reaction ...

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