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Owners of low-rise flats freed from wall safety certificate need

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Ministers have sought to ease the difficulties of thousands of owners of flats trapped in properties they cannot sell or remortgage by changing advice on fire safety paperwork on lower-rise blocks, a requirement intro...

Freed Catalan leader calls on Spain to ‘think about future generations’

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The head of one of Catalonia’s biggest pro-independence groups has urged the Spanish government to think about “future generations and not just parliamentary stability” as he and eight other separatist leaders were re...

Killer of two schoolgirls in 1980s can be freed, Parole Board rules

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A man who raped and killed two schoolgirls can be freed from prison, the Parole Board has said. Colin Pitchfork was jailed for life after strangling 15-year-olds Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth in Leicestershire in 1983 ...

Anger as notorious Sicilian mafioso the ‘people-slayer’ freed

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One of the Sicilian mafia’s most notorious killers, believed to have murdered more than 100 mense, has been released from prison after 25 years behind bars. Giovanni Brusca, 64, nicknamed “the swine” or “u scannacris...

Glasgow protesters rejoice as men freed after immigration van standoff

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Campaigners have hailed a victory for Glaswegian solidarity and told the Home Office “you messed with the wrong city” as two men detained by UK Immigration Enforcement were released back into their community after a d...

Dwergvis het weer in Thames opgemerk nadat hy van die slot bevry is

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'N Klein walvis wat vrygelaat is nadat dit langs die Teemsrivier gestrand geraak het, is weer aan die beweeg - maar is nog ure later in die rivier in Londen. Honderde het Sondag in Richmond se slot en stuwing in Suidwes-Londen byeengekom..

Hopes raised for two Americans jailed in Tehran being freed

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Two high profile American-Iranian dual nationals detained in Tehran have been moved to a new location inside Evin prison in a procedure that has previously led to the release of detainees, according to sources inside ...

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe reportedly freed but may face new charges

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Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been released from house arrest on the completion of her five-year sentence, but the British-Iranian dual national will have to go to court to face a second set of charges on 14 Maart, ac...