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‘Don’t freak out!’ Why keeping calm and carrying on exercising can help back pain

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Turns out pandemics can be atrocious for our backs. By last October, more than a third of people in the UK had reported increased back pain, according to one study – and that was before an intense winter lockdown, fo...

Andy Murray forced to withdraw from Miami Open with ‘freakgroin injury

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Andy Murray has expressed his frustration after another setback as he was forced to withdraw from the Miami Open with a groin injury.Murray had been granted a wildcard into the tournament and was due to face Lloyd Har...

‘Freak accident’: four injured after horse-drawn cart ploughs into bystanders at NSW showground

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Four people have been taken to hospital after a horse drawing a cart bolted in a “freak accident” at a showground in regional New South Wales. Emergency services were called to the Lockhart Showground in the NSW River...