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Madoff Talks: uncovering what the family of the late Wall Street fraudster knew

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“What’s a Ponzi scheme?” Ruth Madoff asked her husband Bernard after he revealed to her that his respected investment company was actually one of the largest frauds in history, according to a new book examining the li...

Airbnb fraudster checked out with my keys and £600 speakers

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Can you please ask Airbnb how it allowed a fraudster to stay in my house and steal my speakers and keys? I rent out my home in east London whenever I go back to Ireland to visit family. In July I accepted a request fr...

Romantiese bedrieër het vroue in die VK uit duisende bedrieg, sê die polisie

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'n Romantiese bedrieër het 'n slagoffer uit duisende ponde bedrieg en honderde ander geteiken, insluitend 'n terminaal siek vrou, volgens die Nasionale Misdaadagentskap (NKW). Osagie Aigbonohan, 40, gebruik 'n aantal van 'n...

Elizabeth Holmes: from ‘next Steve Jobs’ to convicted fraudster

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Just six years ago Forbes magazine declared her the “the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire” and the “next Steve Jobs”. Nou, Elizabeth Holmes, 37, founder of the collapsed blood testing company Theranos, is ...

Hampshire Tinder fraudster jailed after conning woman for £150,000

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A “charming” fraudster who conned a millionaire he met on Tinder into handing him almost £150,000 has been jailed for four-and-a-half years. Richard Dexter, 38, boasted to his victim, Amrita Sebastian, that he was wor...