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‘After seeing Aretha Franklin you’re never the same again’: Elvis Costello’s honest playlist

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The first song I remember hearingIt’s a family legend that even before I was forming sentences, I knew how to request I’ve Got You Under My Skin sung by Frank Sinatra on the record player. Of course I’m biased, but my...

Respect review – one-note Aretha Franklin chronicle follows every biopic beat

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At one moment in this very respectful film, a worried supporting character says: “I can’t do this any more.” Maybe none of us can. The spoofability of music biopics has been a known quantity for so long that perhaps, ...

Respect review – Aretha Franklin biopic sings the same old tune

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De vez en cuando, usually while watching a biopic about a troubled musical genius, a film critic will be seized by a sense of futility deeper than the normal, low-burning futility that comes with the professional territ...

Mallory Franklin: ‘Women have had less opportunity – this is about making history’

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Mallory Franklin is far too polite to name the individual who delivered disparaging remarks about the expansion of women’s canoeing in the Olympics. She is perfectly happy to articulate the response, aunque. “Eilidh G...

Genio: Revisión de Aretha: la torpe biopic de Franklin necesita más respeto

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La primera temporada de la serie de antología Genius de National Geographic se centró en Albert Einstein. El segundo, Pablo Picasso. En la mayor parte, Estas iteraciones pasadas fueron melodramas formulados anclados por una cuerda magnética..

Aretha Franklin: newly discovered will draft complicates estate dispute

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A fourth possible will has been discovered in the attempt to finalise the estate of Aretha Franklin. Filed in a Michigan court this week, the eight-page document, titled The Will of Aretha Franklin, was apparently dra...