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Worried about bills this winter? In Truss’s Titanic economics, only the rich will get a life raft

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As millions of families get ready to choose between starving and freezing, the biggest question in British politics right now is what government support is going to come in the next few months, and who exactly is goin...

Why is Starmer peddling the Tory ‘magic money tree’ line on public spending? It’s just bad economics

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After a barren winter, accusations of “magic money trees” are taking root once again. In light of tens of billions of pounds of uncosted tax pledges in the Tory leadership campaign, the Labour leader, Keir Starmer, hy het...

France’s Eutelsat confirms merger talks with UK satellite firm OneWeb

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A French satellite company has confirmed it is in merger talks with British rival OneWeb, which is part-owned by the UK government, to create a competitor to ventures backed by Elon Musk and Amazon. Eutelsat said it w...

The Uber files lit up the darkness of big tech, and showed why we need whistleblowers

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Hierdie week, meer as 124,000 documents disclosed by the whistleblower Mark MacGann, Uber’s former chief lobbyist for Europe, detailed how Uber flouted laws, duped police, exploited violence against drivers and secretl...

There is nothing funnier or more terrifying than the Tory leadership candidates

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A Tory leadership race for prime minister is much like watching one of those horror movies where the monster keeps multiplying. You think you’ve got rid of one of them and then nine more burst their heads through the ...

No masks, no free tests, low sick pay – the UK government is back in Covid denial

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If you’re reading this in the UK, odds are that by now you’ve had coronavirus: 7 in 10 of us have watched the dreaded red line appear. You may have been stuck in bed with it twice or even three times by now; by April ...

My home town doesn’t need a fawning monument to Margaret Thatcher

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You could say I grew up under the shadow of Margaret Thatcher. Raised in Grantham, Lincolnshire, I went to Thatcher’s former primary school, a mix of brick and portable buildings that by the 1990s were a fitting symbo...

France’s outgoing foreign minister welcomes defeat of Scott Morrison

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France’s outgoing foreign affairs minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has undiplomatically welcomed the election defeat of Australia’s conservative government after a war of words last year over an abandoned submarine deal ...

Élisabeth Borne: France’s new PM faces immediate pressure to act on climate

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The new French prime minister, Élisabeth Borne, has immediately come under pressure from environmentalists on the left who warned “hopes were low” that she would drastically cut France’s carbon emissions or move fast ...

When people use foodbanks, it’s not because they’ve lost their copy of Nigella

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Spare a thought for the Conservative MP Lee Anderson, who has spent the past few days single-handedly trying to solve Britain’s cost of living crisis with very little thanks. It all started after he stated in the Comm...

Élisabeth Borne becomes France’s first female prime minister in 30 jare

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Élisabeth Borne, the French minister for labour, has been appointed prime minister – the first woman to hold the post in more than 30 years and only the second female prime minister in modern French history. “I dedica...

Macron must rebuild France’s party politics – and look to the left, not the right

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Your leading article (25 April) is right to point to Emmanuel Macron’s urgent task: to tackle the reasons that led more than 40% of French electors to support a candidate with diametrically opposite views to his own. ...

France’s candidates make final pitches as Macron extends poll lead over Le Pen

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France’s two presidential contenders have traded their last blows before Sunday’s deciding runoff, with polls suggesting fear of a Marine Le Pen victory was outweighing dislike of Emmanuel Macron and his record. Hours...

"Maar ek hoop regtig mense voel bemagtig om volgens hul eie standaarde te lewe.": "Maar ek hoop regtig mense voel bemagtig om volgens hul eie standaarde te lewe."

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"Maar ek hoop regtig mense voel bemagtig om volgens hul eie standaarde te lewe.". Na vier dekades toe die vakbondbeweging op armlengte van die magshefbome gehou is, Na vier dekades toe die vakbondbeweging op armlengte van die magshefbome gehou is, Na vier dekades toe die vakbondbeweging op armlengte van die magshefbome gehou is.

Frances O’Grady to stand down as TUC leader at end of year

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Frances O’Grady will stand down as general secretary of the Trades Union Congress at the end of the year. The first woman to hold the post in the TUC’s 154-year-old history, she said it had been the greatest honour of...

Can Emmanuel Macron hold off France’s far-right surge? - podcast

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The first round of the French election takes place this Sunday with Emmanuel Macron staking his claim to a second term. But to do so he must beat a resurgent far right, says our Paris correspondent Angelique Chrisafis...

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