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Rock oysters and crêpe bretonne: eight of the best dishes you can try in north-west France

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National restrictions may apply, please consult government advice before planning travel As the French epicurean and gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once wrote: “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce qui ...

France tries to delay EU-Australia trade deal amid Aukus fallout

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France is seeking to enlist European Union support to delay a planned EU-Australia trade deal, as part of a plan to punish Australia for what it regards as serial deceit and subterfuge by Canberra before it cancelled ...

‘We felt fooled’: France still furious after Australia scraps $90bn submarine deal

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French anger at the Morrison government’s decision to scrap its $90bn submarine program with France continues to boil over, with the country’s recalled ambassador saying it felt “fooled” by the announcement. Jean-Pier...

France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia after Aukus pact

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France has recalled its ambassadors to the US and Australia for consultations sparked by the “exceptional seriousness” of Canberra’s surprise decision to cancel an order for French-built submarines and its security pa...

France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers without pay

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France has suspended 3,000 health workers without pay for refusing the Covid vaccine. The health minister, Olivier Véran, said the staff had been notified in writing before the government-imposed deadline to have at l...

‘Stab in the back’: France accuses US of sinking Australia submarine deal – video

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France has expressed fury over Australia’s surprise decision to scrap a huge submarine deal in favour of nuclear-powered subs from the US, describing it as a 'stab in the back' from Canberra and a strain on its friend...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: France health worker vaccine mandate comes into effect; healthcare rationing ‘imminent’ for Idaho

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Idaho department of health says ‘We do not see a peak in sight’; French hospital staff, doctors, ambulance drivers, retirement and aged care home workers must be vaccinated

On holiday in southern France chez Le Corbusier

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I wish I had a beach hut like Le Corbusier’s. A perfect place to self-isolate on the French Riviera’s wildest stretch of coastline. The Swiss-born architect chose Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, halfway between Monaco and the ...

Tan France: ‘People assume I’m older than I am’

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When I was young, my focus wasn’t on my queerness. It was more on being south Asian. I was raised in a small town in South Yorkshire. On the way to and from school, you just didn’t know if you were going to get attack...

Steve Bell on Priti Patel sending vulnerable boats back to France – cartoon

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France accuses Patel of blackmail in row over Channel migrants

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The British home secretary, Priti Patel, has been accused by France’s interior minister of plotting “financial blackmail” and a violation of international maritime law in a deepening diplomatic row over efforts to pre...

France grants citizenship to 12,000 Covid frontline workers

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France has granted citizenship to more than 12,000 frontline workers whose jobs put them at risk during the Covid pandemic under a special fast-track scheme. As well as speeding up the application process, which norma...

France threatened with legal action over use of pesticides

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The French government is being threatened with court action by two NGOs who accuse it of failing to meet its obligations to protect nature. Notre Affaire à Tous and Pollinis have issued an ultimatum to the French stat...

Priti Patel’s plans to send migrant boats back to France ‘dead in water’, union says

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Priti Patel’s plans to send back small boats carrying migrants in the Channel are already “dead in the water”, an immigration workers’ union has said. Border Force staff are being trained to employ “turn-around” tacti...

Happening review – sex and abortion on the new frontline in 60s France

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Sexual intercourse began in 1963, Philip Larkin said, but he was talking specifically about England as opposed to central France. At the university in Angoulême, everyone is thinking about sex and talking about sex bu...

Jean-Pierre Adams, former France defender, dies 39 years after falling into coma

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The former France defender Jean-Pierre Adams has died at the age of 73, quasi 40 years after falling into a coma as a result of a medical error, his former clubs, Paris St-Germain and Nîmes, said on Monday. Nel 1982, ...

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