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Tour de France 2022: women’s race reborn as eight-stage route unveiled

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The women’s Tour de France was reborn as the 2022 race route was unveiled in the Palais des Congrès in Paris on Thursday by the newly appointed race director Marion Rousse. The eight-stage race, which begins on 24 Jul...

Spectator who caused Tour de France pile-up goes on trial

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A spectator whose attempt to get noticed by TV cameras while cheering the Tour de France caused one of the biggest pile-ups in the race’s history has gone on trial charged with injuring dozens of riders. The 31-year-o...

France calls on UK to ‘pay what it owes’ for policing Channel

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The French interior minister has called for the start of negotiations for a migration treaty between the European Union and Britain. Gérald Darmanin also urged the British government to “uphold its promise” to finance...

Belgium 2-3 Frankryk: Nations League semi-final – as it happened

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Theo Hernández scored in the last minute as France completed a remarkable comeback to beat Belgium and reach the Nations League final

France threatens to cut UK and Jersey energy supply in fishing row

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The EU could hit Britain and Jersey’s energy supply over the UK’s failure to provide sufficient fishing licences to French fishers, France’s EU affairs minister has said. Clément Beaune, who is a close ally of the Fre...

Bold, haughty, hyper: will Macron throw it all away as France fights for its future?

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Germany’s “watershed” election? Yawn. For a truly stimulating contest, Europe must look to France, where pre-poll noise levels are rising rapidly. Political debate ranges from the repulsive to the bizarre. Issues that...

Oggendpos: climate pressure grows, France demands ‘substance’, rejecting your fears

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Goeie more. The last day of September brings yet more pressure on the Morrison government to increase its climate goals, and news of a cash injection for businesses affected by lockdowns. And there’s still time to v...

France cool on efforts by Australia to repair Aukus rift damage

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France has said any future talks between Emmanuel Macron and the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, over the fallout from Canberra’s decision to tear up a €56bn (£48bn) submarine deal will have to be “seriousl...

Rock oysters and crêpe bretonne: eight of the best dishes you can try in north-west France

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National restrictions may apply, please consult government advice before planning travel As the French epicurean and gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once wrote: “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce qui ...

France tries to delay EU-Australia trade deal amid Aukus fallout

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France is seeking to enlist European Union support to delay a planned EU-Australia trade deal, as part of a plan to punish Australia for what it regards as serial deceit and subterfuge by Canberra before it cancelled ...

'Ons het mislei gevoel': Frankryk is steeds woedend nadat Australië 'n duikooreenkoms van $ 90 miljard afgeskaf het

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Franse woede oor die besluit van die Morrison -regering om sy onderzeeërprogram van $ 90 miljard met Frankryk te skrap, kook steeds op, met die land se teruggeroepe ambassadeur wat sê dat dit deur die aankondiging 'mislei' voel. Jean-Pier ...

France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia after Aukus pact

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France has recalled its ambassadors to the US and Australia for consultations sparked by the “exceptional seriousness” of Canberra’s surprise decision to cancel an order for French-built submarines and its security pa...

Frankryk skors 3,000 ongeëntde gesondheidswerkers sonder betaling

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Frankryk het geskors 3,000 gesondheidswerkers sonder betaling vir die weiering van die Covid -entstof. Die minister van gesondheid, Olivier Véran, het gesê dat die personeel skriftelik in kennis gestel is voor die sperdatum wat deur die regering opgelê is, om ....

'Steek in die rug': Frankryk beskuldig die VSA daarvan dat hulle die duikbootooreenkoms in Australië gesink het - video

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Frankryk het woede uitgespreek oor Australië se verrassingsbesluit om 'n groot duikbootooreenkoms ten gunste van kernkrag-subs uit die VSA af te skaf, beskryf dit as 'n 'steek in die rug' van Canberra en 'n spanning op sy vriend ...

Coronavirus live nuus: Die entstofmandaat van die Franse gesondheidswerker tree in werking; rantsoenering van gesondheidsorg 'op hande' vir Idaho

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Die departement van gesondheid in Idaho sê 'Ons sien geen hoogtepunt nie'; Franse hospitaalpersoneel, dokters, ambulansbestuurders, aftree- en bejaardesorgwerkers moet ingeënt word

On holiday in southern France chez Le Corbusier

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I wish I had a beach hut like Le Corbusier’s. A perfect place to self-isolate on the French Riviera’s wildest stretch of coastline. The Swiss-born architect chose Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, halfway between Monaco and the ...

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