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Enigmatic 15th-century tapestry displayed after four-year clean

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A 15th-century tapestry with a mysterious history, the oldest owned by the National Trust, is returning to display after experts spent four years cleaning and conserving it. The tapestry at Montacute House in Somerset...

Tymal Mills earns England T20 World Cup squad place after four-year absence

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The Sussex fast bowler Tymal Mills returns to the international set-up for the first time in four years in the England T20 Men’s World Cup squad announced on Thursday. Mills gets his chance with Jofra Archer ruled out...

Geronimo the alpaca is killed after four-year battle to save him fails

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A four-year battle to save the life of Geronimo the alpaca has failed. The news was confirmed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. In 'n verklaring, Defra said Geronimo was moved from the farm in ...

Spain investigates four-year delay in reporting theft of Galileo book

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The director of Spain’s national library has been summoned to the ministry of culture to account for why it took the library four years to report the theft of a book by the 17th-century Italian astronomer Galileo Gali...