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Sea of resilience: how the Pacific fought against Covid

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Geloof, familie, and a little bit of farming. The Pacific’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been one of self-reliance and resistance: to turn to its communities and churches, its lands and seas. The region has es...

‘We did what fans do best – we united’: how supporters’ groups fought the ESL

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Joe Blott was at his mother-in-law’s last Sunday. It was her 83rd birthday and Blott, the chair of the Liverpool supporters’ group Spirit of Shankly, and his wife had popped into the garden to say hello. His phone sta...

The little island that won: how a tiny Pacific community fought off a giant mining company

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When a mining company arrived on Wagina nearly a decade ago with a proposal to mine 60% of the island for bauxite, resistance was swift and resolute. “I was in the group that went and physically stopped the machines t...

How a tiny Pacific community fought off a giant mining company – video

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A proposal to mine 60% of a tiny island of Wagina in the Pacific was met with outrage by locals and became a landmark case in Solomon Islands.

‘We kept getting people saying: excuse me, you don’t look gay’ – how Black people fought for a space at Pride

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In the early 1990s, Pride marches in London looked dramatically different from the Pride we know now. Rather than spilling into every crevice of the city, with corporate floats and sponsored stages, the event was a pr...

Openbaar gemaak: how Tory politicians fought plans to tackle air pollution

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Conservative councillors, MPs and local associations have vocally opposed measures to clean up air pollution, often in opposition to government policy, a Guardian investigation has found. Transport decarbonisation is ...

‘It’s the balm we need right now’: how Broadway fought its way back

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When Ruben Santiago-Hudson walks on stage at the Manhattan Theatre Club on Tuesday night, the electric charge between actor and audience will spark back to life. Then the healing will begin. “It is the balm that we al...

‘They fought hard and all for love’: the lesbian couple who started a family in the 80s

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There’s a supernatural element to motherhood that can’t be articulated, only experienced. Legend has it that imperiled babies can unlock untold reserves of mom-strength sufficient to lift a car, but the emotional equi...

Four Hours at the Capitol review – a chilling look at the day the far right ‘fought like hell’

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Nick Alvear started believing in Trump “because 800,000 kids in America go missing every year – held captive, tortured and killed … enslaved sexually … I’m part of the first wave bringing awareness of this.” It is per...