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Velodrome domination slips away but Kennys remain Team GB’s golden couple

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This was never going to be an Olympic Games quite like any other. The bike racing in Tokyo reflected that, and within that bubble so did the fortunes of Great Britain’s cyclists. It was a bizarrely apposite conclusion...

Crash-packed day marks moment the world slipped past GB on the track

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On a day that looks to have marked the end of Great Britain’s dominance of track cycling at Olympic level, there were symbols aplenty that the world has moved on, beyond the bald facts of the medal table. Dramatic cra...

Lizzie Deignan: ‘I have to be willing to lose to the Dutch in order to win’

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Five years after the contorted, controversial run-in to the Rio Olympic Games, Lizzie Deignan is happy to admit the contrast between then and now could hardly be greater. Sedert Junie 2016, when the Yorkshire rider endu...

The Kennys v the record books: Tokyo calls for Team GB’s golden couple

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It will be one of the key contests of the Tokyo Games: British cycling’s “golden couple”, Laura and Jason Kenny, versus the record books. Laura is already Britain’s most successful women’s Olympian, on four gold medal...

Julian Alaphilippe allows France to dream of escaping the Badger’s shadow

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Maandag, the Tour de France’s mini-tour of famous cycling locations in the bike racing heartland of Brittany takes it through Plumelec and up the legendary Cadoudal hill. The ascent will be brief and probably incons...

Tour de France 2021: stage-by-stage guide

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The Tour opens with a loop through France’s cycling heartland, home to heroes of the past such as the five-times winner Bernard Hinault, and present-day aspirants such as Warren Barguil. A hilly route travels south to...

Toer deur Italië 2021: Simon Yates favourite but road to victory far from smooth

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Being the favourite for any race does not come easily to Simon Yates, let alone being odds-on to win a three-week Grand Tour such as the Giro d’Italia, which starts in Turin on Saturday. Like it or not, egter, die 2...

Mark Cavendish’s Turkish delight caps one of cycling’s finest comebacks

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Hat-tricks are rare in professional cycling. Before Mark Cavendish sprinted into the finish in the Turkish town of Kemer on Wednesday afternoon to win for the third day in a row, dit was 18 months since any professiona...

Brailsford and Ineos must be fretful that Freeman now has nothing to lose

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To quote Monty Python’s Flying Circus, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. And until recently, few would have envisaged that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service of the General Medical Council might play a d...