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I’ve got big, muscular legs – and I’m finally proud of them

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I’ve started wearing shorts for the first time, invecchiato 39. I’ve got some serious legs on me – and by serious, I mean funny. They’re short, they’re thick, they’re hench. They’re the sort of legs that when people see them...

‘I canoodled in hedges and fumbled in recycling bins as a teenager – and I don’t regret a thing’

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In the midst of a full Edinburgh fringe run of a new show, called Wench, I am awash with fond memories of a lifetime spent attempting sluttery. No shame in that. Suo 2022. No one was harmed in the making of that fun....

My party outfit was so fancy I couldn’t even use the toilet. Some joker still told me I looked ‘comfy’

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“Terrible compliment” should be an oxymoron. Non è. I’ve had some absolute corkers. I recently attended a party in a fancy jumpsuit and heels. Someone, with all the kindness in the world, said to me: “You look ever...

Maureen from Lewisham doesn’t approve of queer parents like me. That’s my vote lost

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I am a queer/bisexual/pansexual woman. I haven’t chosen a label – I’m only a few years in, so I’m still learning all the big gay ropes. I live with my six-year-old son and my girlfriend. We’re engaged but “fiancee” do...