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People in US and UK face huge financial hit if fossil fuels lose value, estudio muestra

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Individuals in rich countries face huge financial losses if climate action slashes the value of fossil fuel assets, un estudio muestra, despite many oil and gas fields being in other countries. The researchers estimated th...

Ban on new gas connections will help transition Victoria away from fossil fuels, la investigación encuentra

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A Victorian parliamentary committee has recommended the Andrews government consider a ban on gas connections in new homes to help accelerate the state’s transition to renewables. It also urged Victoria to commit to a ...

Fossil fuels v our future: young Montanans wage historic climate fight

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When Grace Gibson-Snyder was 13, she launched an independent project in her home town of Missoula, Montana, to encourage restaurants not to use single-use plastic containers. She found that youth activism enabled her ...

It’s over for fossil fuels: IPCC spells out what’s needed to avert climate disaster

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Thirty months: that is the very short time the world now has for global greenhouse gas emissions to finally start to fall. Si no, we will miss the chance to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. The conclusi...

Coalition tries for third time to let renewable energy agency fund technologies using fossil fuels

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The Morrison government has launched a third attempt to change the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena) to allow it to fund a broader range of technologies, including some using fossil fuels. The Senate has twic...

Russian and Ukrainian activists call for European embargo on Russian fossil fuels

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Russian and Ukrainian environmental activists have made a joint call for a European embargo on Russian oil, gas and coal, as children and young people prepare to take part in the latest wave of climate crisis school s...

Joe Biden is a fossil: 328m-year-old vampire squid named after president

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A newly discovered fossilized vampire squid has been named after the US president, Joe Biden, a team of paleontologists has announced. The Syllipsimopodi bideni, which has been described as an “incredibly rare” fossil...

‘This is a fossil fuel war’: Ukraine’s top climate scientist speaks out

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For Svitlana Krakovska, Ukraine’s leading climate scientist, it was meant to be the week where eight years of work culminated in a landmark UN report exposing the havoc the climate crisis is causing the world. But the...

Angus Taylor attacks Beetaloo Basin activists and says Australia right to expand fossil fuels

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The Australian energy minister, Angus Taylor, has criticised “activists” for opposing new oil and gas development in the Beetaloo Basin, declaring European nations are now regretting not pursuing a “gas-fired recovery...

BP has ambitious plans to move beyond fossil fuels – but are they enough?

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When BP revealed this week that bumper profits had reached an eight-year high, helped by the same soaring gas prices that have fuelled a national cost of living crisis, it had a political sweetener already prepared. T ...

Enorme 'dragón marino' nombrado uno de los mayores hallazgos fósiles del Reino Unido

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Un gigantesco “dragón de mar” prehistórico descubierto en Midlands ha sido descrito como uno de los mayores hallazgos en la historia de la paleontología británica.. el ictiosaurio, que tiene unos 180 millones de años con un esqueleto yo ...

Fossil hunter Richard Leakey who showed humans evolved in Africa dies at 77

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The celebrated Kenyan conservationist and fossil hunter Richard Leakey, whose groundbreaking discoveries helped prove that humankind evolved in Africa, ha muerto envejecido 77. The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, anunciac ...

Largest ever giant millipede fossil found on UK beach

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Giant millipedes as long as a car and weighing 50kg once hunted across northern England, experts have revealed, following the discovery of a 326m-year-old fossil. The largest fossil of a giant millipede was found by a...

Fossil remains of herd of 11 dinosaurs discovered in Italy

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A treasure trove of fossils of a herd of 11 dinosaurs has been identified for the first time in Italy, including the biggest and most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found in the country. Although isolated dinosaur re...

Los combustibles fósiles enriquecieron a nuestras familias. Ahora queremos que esta industria termine

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Hace más de un siglo, Nuestras familias fueron fundamentales para desbloquear los combustibles fósiles.. El gobierno adoptó este avance tecnológico e invirtió en la infraestructura y la producción necesarias para su crecimiento.. Nuestra historia personal..

Banks are still financing fossil fuelswhile signing up to net zero pledges

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Despite the stark warnings of climate breakdown from the IPCC and the UN, it’s business as usual for fossil fuel capitalism. An astonishing 56% of the G20 nations’ Covid-19 recovery funds for energy have gone to fossi...

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