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Stuck container ship Ever Forward finally refloated after a month

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A container ship called the Ever Forward was finally pried free on Sunday from the muddy bottom of the Chesapeake Bay more than a month after it ran aground. The Ever Forward is owned by the Evergreen Marine Corporati...

Joe Root says he is still the man to ‘take England forward’ after series defeat

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With speculation about his future as England captain at fever pitch after England slumped to defeat against West Indies in Grenada to confirm another lost series, Joe Root has recommitted himself to the role, insistin...

UK trophy hunting import ban to be brought forward

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A trophy hunting import ban will be brought forward in coming months despite opposition from Conservative backbenchers, the environment secretary has said. George Eustice told animal welfare campaigners of the commitm...

F1 2022: six things to look forward to in the new season

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Starting from scratch with this year’s models, the sweeping changes in regulations are based on an attempt to shift a significant amount of downforce generation from aerodynamic parts to the floor of the car, through ...

Joe Root insists he is ‘right man to take England forward’ before Windies series

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Joe Root admitted his England team have a point to prove in the Caribbean and reiterated his own belief at being the right man to lead in a Test series that could decide his fate as captain. Speaking before Tuesday’s ...

‘We must march forward’: Kamala Harris commemorates Bloody Sunday anniversary in Selma

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US vice president Kamala Harris visited Selma, Alabama on Sunday to commemorate a defining moment in the fight for the right to vote, making her trip as congressional efforts to restore the landmark 1965 Voting Rights...

Ukraine fights for its survival as Putin presses forward

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Ukraine was fighting for its survival after Vladimir Putin unleashed a punishing offensive on the country that left hundreds dead or injured, and world leaders warned that Moscow had embarked on a dangerous new era of...

Best foot forward: is it time to rethink footwear?

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If we’re being honest, most of us will admit that we choose our shoes based purely on aesthetics, not really thinking about whether they’re fit for purpose. But while we probably know deep down those high heels and na...

Energy bills to rise as Ofgem brings forward price cap announcement

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Ofgem has announced it will reveal the full scale of the energy price cap hike earlier than expected, as it emerged that the government may introduce a measure to slash £200 from household energy bills in order to sof...

Emma Raducanu well placed to move forward under glaring spotlight

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As one of the most unexpected recent breakout seasons came to an end in November, Emma Raducanu seemed to have built a solid base for the new year. After the grand slam success, the first round of new endorsements, de ...

Abba to Zappa: pop, rock and classical music to look forward to in 2022

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Knotty, arty, indebted to the post-rock of Slint, bedecked with sprechgesang vocals and unruly sax, Black Country New Road’s debut album, For the First Time, was acclaimed as one of 2021’s best: Chaos Space Marine, de ...

After a lifetime in the background, Huma Abedin steps forward

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As Hillary Clinton’s most trusted aide, it was her job to stay out of view. Even when her husband Anthony Weiner’s scandalous behaviour dragged her into the spotlight, she mostly stayed silent. In hierdie onderhoud, Huma...

Polluters face price pain as global carbon trading system moves forward

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The world’s biggest polluters have amassed trillions of pounds in profits over recent decades amid the steepest rises in carbon emissions and global temperatures on record. Yet despite this surge, and the well-underst...

Covid-booster-aanvalle kan na vore gebring word namate die Britse daaglikse sake tref 52,000

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Miljoene mense kan hul aanjaagstoot na vore gebring word, aangesien ministers dit oorweeg om die gaping van ses maande tussen dosisse te verminder as deel van 'n gesukkel om die wankelende entstofprogram te versterk en die oplegging van Covid te vermy ...

Australiese Covid nuus lewendige opdatering: Melbourne vier die einde van die inperking; Qantas om die terugkeer van sommige internasionale vlugte te vervroeg

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Qantas om na terug te keer 100% van personeelvlakke in Januarie; Scott Morrison sê 'n aankondiging oor 'n reisooreenkoms met Singapoer is op hande; jubel om middernag terwyl beperkings op een van die wêreld se mees toegesluite verlig word..

Die polisie doen 'n beroep op Agnes Tirop se man om na vore te kom nadat die atleet dood gevind is

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Die Keniaanse polisie het Donderdag gesê dat hulle die man van die afstandloper Agnes Tirop vra, 'n twee keer bronsmedaljewenner van die wêreldkampioenskap wat dood by haar huis gevind is, na vore te kom. Die polisie het bevestig die 25...

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