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Turkey backs down on threat to expel foreign ambassadors

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Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has backed down from a threat to expel 10 ambassadors – including those from seven Nato allies – over their demands for the release of a prominent pro-democracy activist. In comm...

Foreign lorry drivers to be allowed to make more UK deliveries

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Foreign lorry drivers will be able to make an unlimited number of pick-ups and drop-offs in a fixed period in the UK under changes to rules proposed by the government to prevent shortages of products in the run-up to ...

Muslim foreign ministers to make women’s rights plea to Taliban

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Foreign ministers from several Muslim-majority countries are planning to go to Kabul in part to urge the Taliban to recognise that the exclusion of women and girls from education is a distortion of the Islamic faith. ...

Singapore passes foreign interference law allowing authorities to block internet content

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Singapore’s parliament has passed a law aimed at preventing foreign interference in domestic politics, which the opposition and activists have criticised as a tool to crush dissent. La Ley, approved after a marathon ...

Russia extends ‘foreign agents’ law to critics of military and security

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Russians who study and report on the problems faced by the country’s military, space agency and security services, as well as the millions of people who serve in those agencies, can now be named foreign agents, as Rus...

Oficina en casa, Foreign Office and MoJ worst for openness, informe de hallazgos

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The Home Office, the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Justice have been named as the worst-performing government departments for transparency by a leading thinktank. A report by the Institute for Government (IFG) ha...

‘Someone lied’: French foreign minister accuses Australia of submarine betrayal in latest broadside

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France has accused Australia of lying shortly before Canberra cancelled a major submarine contract, with the French foreign minister declaring “someone lied”. With no sign of any imminent easing of tensions between th...

Equality and climate feel force of UK’s foreign aid cuts

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Details of the cuts of more than 40% in the UK bilateral aid spending programme have been set out by the Foreign Office for the first time, including huge cuts to humanitarian aid, girls’ equality and climate. It is t...

El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores 'advirtió a los críticos de Hong Kong con sede en el Reino Unido sobre el riesgo de extradición en el extranjero'

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El Reino Unido ha advertido a algunos críticos de Hong Kong en el Reino Unido sobre viajar al extranjero., según el destacado defensor de los derechos humanos Bill Browder, destacando las preocupaciones sobre el alcance transfronterizo de la región nacional de China..

Dutch foreign minister resigns over Afghanistan debacle

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The foreign minister of the Netherlands, Sigrid Kaag, has resigned after the lower house of parliament passed a motion of censure against the government over its handling of evacuations from Afghanistan amid the Talib...

Australian foreign minister was told to close embassy before May visit to Kabul, documents reveal

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Defence and intelligence chiefs warned the Australian government multiple times in April the situation in Afghanistan could become dangerous enough to force the closure of the embassy, ha sido revelado. The Depart...

El Partido Laborista promete el núcleo ético de la política exterior británica

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El Partido Laborista se comprometió el domingo a poner fin a lo que llama el "enfoque centrado en las empresas" del gobierno conservador para el comercio y reconstruir la política en torno a la protección de los derechos e intereses de los trabajadores tanto en el Reino Unido como en el extranjero ....

Putin’s crackdown: how Russia’s journalists became ‘foreign agents’

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Usually the bad news is dumped late on Friday when most Muscovites are heading out for the evening: a new list of names of journalists and outlets declared “foreign agents”, a label that for some Russians evokes such ...

Afghanistan flight carrying more than 100 foreign passengers lands in Doha

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A flight carrying more than 100 international passengers out of Kabul has landed in Doha, the first such civilian flight since the chaotic evacuation of 124,000 foreigners and at-risk Afghans sparked by the Taliban’s ...

What’s next for American foreign policy?

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The 20th anniversary of 9/11 and its fallout was always going to be a moment of deep soul searching about what has been lost and learned. But the retrospective, until a few weeks ago, risked having a historical, even ...

Foreign Office playing catch-up on Afghanistan, says ex-ambassador

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The former UK ambassador to Afghanistan Sir Nicholas Kay has said the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is playing catch-up with other countries as the Taliban assume power there, as he also became the fir...

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