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Ohio judge reverses court order forcing hospital to treat Covid patient with ivermectin

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An Ohio judge has reversed a court order that forced a local hospital to treat a Covid-19 patient with the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin. Maandag, Judge Michael Oster of Butler county issued an order that sided wi...

Biggest US reservoir declares historic shortage, forcing water cuts across west

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Amptenare het 'n ernstige watertekort by Lake Mead verklaar, die grootste reservoir van die VSA, triggering major water cuts in Arizona and other western states. The US Bureau of Reclamation’s first-ever declaration of a “tier...

Forcing people to return to offices is wrongheaded, sê Starmer

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Ministers, civil service leaders and employers are “wrongheaded” to be trying to make people come back to the office against their will, and should not be standing in the way of progress around working from home, Keir...

The heatwave forcing America to confront climate reality

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An extraordinary heatwave has swept the west coast of the US and Canada, leading to record temperatures, water shortages, and hundreds of deaths – and bringing home the catastrophic consequences of global heating ...

Forcing Covid jabs on England’s exhausted care home staff won’t work

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When the government announced it was going ahead with the mandatory vaccination of staff in older people’s care homes in England, it wasn’t a surprise. Ten minste 40,000 care home residents have died of Covid-19 so far ...

Why forcing Covid-19 vaccines on Māori could turn people away altogether

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The New Zealand government is under pressure to improve its engagement with Māori communities as the nationwide rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine gets underway. The government has just bought enough of the Pfizer vaccin...

Pandemic forcing girls in south-east Asia and Pacific out of school and into marriage – study

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Thousands of adolescent girls across south-east Asia and the Pacific are being forced to leave school and get married instead as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a charity has warned, saying “a generation of girl...