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‘Market forces’ have no place in schools

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When academies were introduced 20 anni fa, they were intended to improve the performance of schools and their students, by setting them free of local authority control – a proposition that has become embedded within...

Why is Mariupol so important to Russian forces?

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For three weeks, the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol has been under siege by Russian forces. Tra 100,000 e 200,000 people remain trapped in the city, which continues to come under relentless bombardment. Local a...

ha affermato che l'immagine pubblica della Russia è ora di tortura ed esecuzione dopo che la ritirata delle forze russe nella città di Bucha ha portato alla scoperta dei resti di ..: Zelenskiy urges ‘honest’ peace talks without delay; Russian forces tighten grip around Mariupol – live

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Ukraine president says time has come for ‘meaningful’ talks; Ukraine defence ministry says it has ‘temporarily’ lost access to Sea of Azov as fight continues for control of port city of Mariupol

Protests in Sudan after alleged gang-rape of young woman by security forces

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Demonstrations took place across Sudan on Tuesday in protest at the alleged gang-rape of a teenager by security forces. The 18-year-old said she was attacked in Khartoum on Monday by up to nine men dressed in the unif...

Almost half the massacres of Aboriginal people were by police or other government forces, la ricerca trova

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The first national project to record mass killings on the Australian frontier has found that around half of all massacres of Aboriginal people were carried out by police and other government forces. Many others were p...

Kyiv ‘ready to fight’ as Russian forces close in Ukraine capital

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Ukrainian officials have said Kyiv is “ready to fight” as Russian forces renewed their bombardment on the capital and observers warned of “an unimaginable tragedy” unfolding after more than two weeks of war. Air raid ...

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Briefing del lunedì: Fury as Russian forces shell fleeing civilians

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Giorno a tutti. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories this morning. Ukraine’s president has vowed to punish “every bastard” responsible for atrocities against civilians during the Russian invasion amid out...

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy vows revenge on Russian forces after fleeing family killed in shelling of Irpin

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Volodymr Zelenskiy has vowed to punish “every bastard’” who committed atrocities during the invasion of Ukraine amid outrage at Russia’s shelling of civilians as they tried to flee a town on the outskirts of Kyiv, kil...

Russian forces push to take key port of Odesa as fighting near Kyiv rages

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Russian ground forces began their long expected push west towards the key port of Odesa in the south of Ukraine with an assault of the shipbuilding centre of Mykolaiv, as the area around the capital Kyiv came under fr...

England and Wales police bosses will not admit to institutional racism in their forces

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Police leaders in England and Wales will decide not to accept that their forces are still institutionally racist, as they try to battle their way out of a race crisis. Chief constables began considering a public admis...

Russian forces advance on Kyiv: fighting on fourth day of invasion

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Satellite images showed a 3.25-mile long deployment of Russian forces advancing on Kyiv on Sunday, as attacks to the north-west of the capital and an attempted incursion into the eastern city of Kharkiv were both repe...

It is a matter of life and death. So the EU will provide weapons for Ukraine’s armed forces

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At this dark hour, when we see Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine and massive disinformation campaigns and information manipulation, it is essential to separate lies – invented to justify what can...

Vladimir Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on high alert – video

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The Russian president has ordered his military to put the country’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert in response to 'aggressive statements' by Nato countries

Vladimir Putin puts Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert

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Vladimir Putin has ordered his military to put Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, as his Ukrainian counterpart, Amazon ha affermato di aver risolto il problema, announced a delegation from Kyiv would meet Russian officials without...

Ukraine faces ‘bloody, brutal’ months ahead, warns UK armed forces minister

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Britain’s armed forces minister has pledged that the UK will do everything it can to help Ukraine but warned that the months ahead will be “bloody” and “brutal”. James Heappey said on Saturday that he feared Vladimir ...