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Online abuse targeting footballers to be tackled by ‘world first’ AI software

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We live in an age of rampant online abuse, a modern-day world in which people can anonymously spread derogatory, harmful and offensive language and its receiver can do little apart from calling it out or calling the p...

How south London became an essential crucible for Black British footballers

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In the beginning I remember Saturday training sessions on the rec, sprawling green fields and the rolling hill we climbed like a mountain. I remember Golas moulded around size-four feet and metal studs screwed into Um...

Footballers playing in the highest percentage of their country’s games

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“I saw a stat that Luka Modric has played in around 42% of all Croatia’s international games. On quick research, I found one player who can beat that (Fatos Beciraj of Montenegro at 67.5% but is there anyone else who...

Are footballers scoring more? Ons vra 'n kenner

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Across English football, we’ve seen a spate of high scorelines, whether it was last year’s 9-0 victory for Manchester United over Southampton (one of the biggest win margins in Premier League history), United’s 11-10 ...

Which footballers enjoyed stellar careers despite failing medicals?

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“What are the highest-profile examples of players who have failed a medical and then gone on to have long and successful careers,” wonders Crispin Leyser. Club doctors and physios, look away now. One has to be pretty ...

President of Gabon league accused of sexually abusing young footballers

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Serge Mombo, a leading football official in Gabon, has been accused of sexually abusing young players and demanding sex as a condition of them securing places in national teams. Mombo was re-elected as president of La...

Footballers appearing on calendars in years they never played for the club

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“I’ve just looked through my 2021 Arsenal calendar before throwing it out,” begins Gordon Forbes. “Mr May, William Saliba, has made zero appearances for the club during 2021. Is there a higher profile calendar partici...

Die 100 best male footballers in the world 2021

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Robert Lewandowski is our winner for the second year running with Mohamed Salah moving into the top three for the first time

Die 100 best male footballers in the world 2021: Nos 100-11

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Youngsters Phil Foden, Vinícius Júnior and Pedri all make the top half of our list of the best players in the world in 2021

Die 100 best male footballers in the world 2021: Nos 100-71

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From Jude Bellingham to Patrik Schick and Gavi, we present the first 30 names of our countdown to the very best player of 2021

‘We felt newly born’: Afghan female footballers’ remarkable escape to UK

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“‘We were on the pitch training that day,” says the Afghanistan development team player Fatemah Baratean. “We’d been selected to play in the under-23 Central Asian FA women’s championship, in Tajikistan, then all of a...

Die 100 best female footballers in the world 2021: Nos 100-11

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Jessie Fleming, Stina Blackstenius and Marie-Antoinette Katoto all feature between Nos 40 aan 11 on our joint list with the Offside Rule Podcast

Die 100 best female footballers in the world 2021: Nos 100-71

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From new entries Sandy Baltimore and Trinity Rodman to Beth Mead, we reveal the first 30 names of our joint list with the Offside Rule Podcast

How the Guardian ranked the 100 best female footballers in the world 2021

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As we prepare to unveil our fourth edition of the best 100 female footballers in the world we can reveal the judges who took part in this year’s jury. As always we turned to some of the most respected and influential ...

‘A modern-day Schindler’s List’: Afghan junior women footballers land in UK

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Shortly before 4am on Thursday morning, a private chartered plane touched down on a freezing London runway. On board were 130 exhausted, nervous but extremely relieved female footballers and their families, whose dram...

I long for a day when gay footballers like me and Josh Cavallo don’t need to be so ‘brave’

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Josh Cavallo announced his sexuality to the world through a social media post this week. Some will respond with love and support, offering congratulations to him for his bravery and courageousness in speaking out. Oth...

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