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FA Cup final weekend football countdown – as it happened

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Electronic Arts ditches Fifa for future football games

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Electronic Arts has announced that it will cease making Fifa-branded football games next year. Van 2023, the series will continue under a new brand, EA Sports FC. In a press release on the decision, EA stated that li...

Freiburg’s football gods go missing as Champions League dream dissolves

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This should have been the day in which Freiburg made all their dreams come true. Sat in fourth place in the Bundesliga, with rivals RB Leipzig having come off a dreadful week of domestic defeat and European disappoint...

Skotse sokkerskrywers se liggaam jammer, want 'volgende vlak' seksistiese grappies lei tot uitstap

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'n Liggaam wat sokkerskrywers in Skotland verteenwoordig het om verskoning gevra nadat 'n spreker se seksistiese en misoginistiese grappies deelnemers aangespoor het om uit sy jaarlikse toekenningsdinee te stap. Die terugslag op opmerkings by Sondag se Skotse ...

‘Given a chance’: teenage Ukrainian football talents find hope in Poland

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“It’s heaviest of all for the boys,” says Irina as she watches her son, Denys, play one-twos with a new teammate on an artificial surface in Warsaw’s northern suburbs. “His father isn’t here, and his older brother joi...

Zeros and heroes: the best non-league football stories you may have missed

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Na 42 speletjies, Dover Athletic sit at the foot of the National League with zero points. They have scored 34 goals but conceded 97 on their way to achieving literally nothing. There will, egter, be an asterisk next t...

Everton re-energised while Leeds look limp – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden is joined by Jonathan Wilson, Robyn Cowen and Jonathan Liew after a weekend of Premier League football that saw Leeds’s relegation worries deepen How to listen to...

Dutch football pundit’s sexual abuse story on live TV sparks national outcry

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The Netherlands has been forced again to face questions about attitudes to sexual violence towards women after one of the country’s most famous football pundits appeared to admit live on air to assaulting an unconscio...

Football needs more than a new regulator to save it from itself

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Oor 15 jare terug, I made a little film about a day in the life of a postman. It was an early start. As I helped him sort out his bag, we chatted about football. He was a Chelsea fan. I asked whether he had a season ...

Badgers Academy: empowering girls and women in Cape Town through football

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Welcome to Moving the Goalposts, the Guardian’s new (and free) women’s football newsletter. Here’s an extract from this week’s edition. To receive the full version once a week, just pop your email in below. It all beg...

Main proposals of fan-led review of English football backed by government

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The government will seek to implement all 10 of the key recommendations of the fan-led review into English football, setting up the possibility of a sea change in the governance of the national sport. Five months afte...

Lewis Hamilton’s love of football drove desire to join Broughton Chelsea bid

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Lewis Hamilton has revealed his childhood love of football and a desire to make a positive impact on diversity in the sport as the motivation behind his involvement in a bid for Chelsea. Hamilton and his close friend ...

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