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No te dejes engañar: Covid won’t be cured by a panacea

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If the coronavirus had struck in the middle ages, there would have been a cure. You could have got it at all good apothecaries, though not cheaply. It was called theriac, and it also cured epilepsy, indigestion, heart...

April FoolsDay quiz: how easily fooled are you?

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Test your knowledge of famous pranks on one of the most divisive days of the yearThere are only two types of people in the world. Those who enjoy media organisations and brands pulling April fool stunts. And joyless m...

Don’t be fooled – the UK economy is not having a rerun of the 1970s

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The past few days have had a hint of the late 1970s about them. A shortage of lorry drivers has led to fears of food shortages. Nurses are thinking about taking industrial action over pay. The Bank of England has been...

If you think Boris Johnson is ditching Thatcherism, you’re being fooled

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Among the public services performed by journalism is alerting readers to scams, and the newspapers are currently full of them. When HMRC rings up, threatening a court case unless you press 1 on your keypad, slam down ...

‘We felt fooled’: France still furious after Australia scraps $90bn submarine deal

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French anger at the Morrison government’s decision to scrap its $90bn submarine program with France continues to boil over, with the country’s recalled ambassador saying it felt “fooled” by the announcement. Jean-Pier...

No te dejes engañar: este partido conservador no es amigo de los mal pagados

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Cuando Rishi Sunak ofrece la salvación a través de trabajos "mejores" (El discurso de Rishi Sunak ofrece música ambiental pero poca carne económica, 4 octubre), está usando el truco de eludir a "cualquiera" en "todos". A nivel individual, ...