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Egan Bernal in intensive care for spine surgery following training crash

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Two-time Grand Tour winner Egan Bernal remains in intensive care after undergoing surgery on his spine following a serious crash suffered while training in his native Colombia. Bernal, 25, underwent multiple rounds of...

Sheffield council to decide fate of chief Kate Josephs following lockdown drinks

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A cross-party committee of councillors is to decide the future of Sheffield city council chief executive Kate Josephs a week after she apologised for having leaving drinks in Whitehall during lockdown. Josephs led the...

Australian minister says Tonga suffered ‘significant damage’ following volcano eruption

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Australia’s minister for the Pacific, Zed Seselja, says initial reports suggest no mass casualties in Tonga following the eruption of a volcano that triggered a tsunami, but Australian police have visited beaches with...

Billionaire Tory backer turns against Johnson following sleaze and scandals

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A major Tory donor who backed Boris Johnson before the last election has openly questioned whether he should survive as Conservative leader, as another poll confirmed a clear poll lead for Labour. John Caudwell, the b...

Rafael Nadal tests positive for Covid-19 following tournament in Abu Dhabi

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Rafael Nadal has tested positive for Covid-19 upon his arrival in Spain and having made his comeback from injury in an exhibition event in Abu Dhabi last week. “I am having some unpleasant moments but I hope that I wi...

Australia’s mouse plague legacy leaves levies damaged following heavy floods – video

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Australia's mice plague is leaving a new legacy for farmers following recent floods. Holes left by mice for tunnels and nests are causing levy banks to leak and sometimes fail following severe weather. In some instanc...

Chris Cuomo’s upcoming book pulled by HarperCollins following dismissal by CNN

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HarperCollins will pull a planned book by former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, the publisher announced Tuesday. The book, titled Deep Denial, was to be released in the fall of 2022 through Custom House, an imprint of Willia...

Tottenham-wedstryde word bedreig ná die uitbreek van Covid by die klub

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Tottenham se planne vir 'n besige tydperk van wedstryde is geknou deur 'n koronavirus-uitbraak by die klub. 'n Aantal eerstespan-spelers en twee lede van die afrigtingspan het na bewering positief getoets voor verder ...

Britse politiek leef: LP's sal na verwagting nuwe stemming kry oor die skorsing van Owen Paterson ná die regering se U-draai

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Beweging kom ná gister se stemming om standaardreguleerder te skrap. Nuwe mosie om voor te stel dat hy geskors moet word vir 30 dae

Sergio Agüero out for three months following ‘cardiological evaluation’

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Sergio Agüero will be unavailable for the next three months while the Barcelona striker undergoes “a diagnostic and therapeutic process” following a cardiological evaluation. The former Manchester City forward was adm...

Activision Blizzard reportedly fires 20 employees following harassment claims

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The embattled video game company Activision Blizzard has fired 20 employees over claims of harassment, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday, citing a letter sent to staff. According to the report, the video game ma...

David Amess killing: MPs discuss security arrangements following death – as it happened

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Latest updates on the aftermath of the killing of the Conservative MP Sir David Amess on Friday

David Simon verdedig die besluit om die HBO -reeks uit Texas te haal na 'n verbod op aborsie

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David Simon, skepper van The Wire, het aangekondig dat hy nie 'n komende HBO -reeks in Texas gaan verfilm nie weens die aborsieverbod van die staat wat vroeër hierdie maand verby is. Alhoewel die spesifieke HBO -projek nie 'n ...

From Lagos to Winchester: how a divisive Nigerian pastor built a global following

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On the second day of TB Joshua’s funeral in Lagos, his disciples took to the stage. A microphone was passed around as more than 60 disciples introduced themselves by name and nationality. They came from 18 different c...

Drone footage shows devastation following floods in Turkey – video

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Heavy rains have triggered severe floods and mudslides in northern Turkey, killing at least one person and leaving others missing or injured. Turkey has been grappling with drought and a rapid succession of natural di...

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