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Phil Foden mis wanneer West Ham Manchester City se Carabaobeker-bewind beëindig

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Na vyf jaar van volslae oorheersing, Manchester City se houvas op die Carabaobeker is verby. Hul bewind het geëindig ná 'n nag van vermaaklike vermaak en Pep Guardiola se span kon geen klagtes hê nadat hulle gebreek is nie..

Phil Foden fires double as Manchester City sweep Brighton aside

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As the final whistle blew, the majority of Brighton’s supporters stood and applauded their side, which to some extent was a curious sight given they had just lost 4-1. But this was a hammering in which the losing team...

Riyad Mahrez and Phil Foden shine as Manchester City thrash Club Brugge

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Manchester City were a delight to watch in an exhibition of attacking football. Club Brugge were undefeated in the competition but here ran into a mismatch. Philippe Clement’s side were reduced to extras in a scintill...

Freight Dogs by Giles Foden review – surviving Africa’s world war

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“For all the talk of brothers, would any of these men come and get me, birthday or no? Are they faux amis,” muses Manu, the reluctant hero of Freight Dogs, “false friends or true?” In times of war, trust nobody. That’...

Phil Foden happy to be called the ‘Stockport Gazza’ after pre-Euros haircut

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Phil Foden has said he does not mind being called the “Stockport Gazza” after inviting comparisons to the former England midfielder by dying his hair blond. Foden is one of the most exciting youngsters in England’s s...

Foden leads Man City to win at Aston Villa despite red card for Stones

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After a tumultuous few days in which their dreams of a quadruple evaporated and their reputation acquired a fouler odour, Manchester City got the result they needed, albeit after an imperfect performance. Pep Guardiol...

Foden thunderbolt puts Manchester City in semis after Dortmund scare

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Pep Guardiola spoke of “going for it” and Manchester City ended in ecstatic mood and with mission achieved: a semi-final berth where they meet Paris Saint-German and which keeps alive their tilt at an unprecedented qu...

Phil Foden saves Manchester City with late winner against Borussia Dortmund

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All’s well that ends well for Manchester City. This was a strangely disjointed performance from England’s champions elect, in which they led through Kevin De Bruyne’s early goal but never truly asserted their class, n ...