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Starmer’s speech to show focus is on winning, rather than unity

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Labour conference speeches can be notable for their omissions – as Ed Miliband found with the deficit. Hierdie jaar, Keir Starmer’s speech will have another significant absence – the name of Jeremy Corbyn. Starmer’s aide...

Ofsted head: schools’ focus on food parcels may have hit learning

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Schools that prioritised sending food parcels to their poorest pupils during lockdown in England may not have been able to focus on providing an education to all their students, the head of Ofsted has claimed. Amanda ...

‘Get to work’: US defence chief tells Pentagon to sharpen China focus

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The US defence secretary, Lloyd Austin, has directed the Pentagon to sharpen its focus on China, which the United States has tagged as its top strategic rival. 'Nou, it is up to the department to get to work,” Austin ...

The Guardian view on violence against women: focus on the perpetrators

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A shocking series of murders of women in public places, combined with rising levels of domestic violence and a wave of reports of sexual harassment in schools and colleges, have set alarm bells ringing among all those...

Alex Scott confirmed as the new host of BBC’s Football Focus

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Alex Scott has been named as the new host of the BBC’s Football Focus, becoming the show’s first permanent female host in its 47-year history. The former Arsenal and England star will take over from Dan Walker, who is...

‘If we don’t give, people don’t eat’: Yemen focus of UK Ramadan giving

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The Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, which started this week, is the biggest period of giving for UK Muslims. According to research by the Muslim Charities Forum, in 2018 the UK’s estimated 3.5 million Muslims donate...

A Mexican tragedy: country’s crippling Covid crisis comes into sharp focus

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It took just 83 days for Adriana Mejía to lose half her family, as Covid unleashed a Mexican tragedy whose full impact is only now becoming clear. First to depart was her father, Juan, a 90-year-old carpenter who died...

Biden team turns focus to $3tn infrastructure plan – US politics live

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Administration attempts to move forward with signature Biden investment legislation