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‘Wine is our livelihood’: locals still recovering from German floods

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Tanja Lingen barely dares to think about the night her two sons went into the family vineyard cellar to salvage what they could of the supplies and equipment as waters from the nearby river Ahr rose to dangerous level...

Tropical Storm Nicholas strengthens off Texas coast, threatening rain and floods

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Tropical Storm Nicholas was strengthening off the US Gulf coast on Monday and could make landfall in Texas as a hurricane, bringing heavy rain and floods to coastal areas from Mexico to storm-battered Louisiana. Forec...

‘We had little choice’: volunteers clear up after German floods

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When she heard on the radio just weeks after floods had devastated her family-run restaurant and her home town that German authorities no longer classed it as a disaster zone, Paddy Amanatidis felt like she had been p...

New York floods: calls for action after 11 die in basement apartments

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Most people killed in New York City in a record-breaking storm this week lived in basement apartments. Walls of water crashed into their homes, trapping them inside and blocking efforts to help. Of 13 people known to...

‘We left it in God’s hands’: floods wreck Spanish seaside town

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People in the town of Alcanar in north-east Spain have been assessing the damage caused to homes and businesses by flooding produced by intense rain that fell over large areas of the country. Residents said they were ...

New Zealand flash floods force evacuations in Auckland, motorists rescued by jet ski

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Aucklanders have been forced to evacuate their homes in the middle of the night due to flash flooding, after New Zealand’s largest city was hit by unexpectedly heavy rainfall. Evacuations were carried out in the subur...

Tennessee floods death toll rises after homes and businesses destroyed – video

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The flooding in rural areas on Saturday took out roads, cellphone towers and telephone lines, leaving families uncertain about whether loved ones survived. Many of the missing live in neighborhoods where the water ros...

‘It’s just unbelievable’: Tennessee surveys wreckage after floods

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Tennesseans were surveying the mangled wreckage of towns and communities across the middle of the state on Monday, after a record-breaking deluge caused flash flooding that swept away houses, shattered lives and left ...

Tennessee floods death toll rises to 22 as Biden offers help

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Almeno 22 people were confirmed dead on Sunday as rescue crews searched desperately amid shattered homes for dozens still missing after record-breaking rain sent floodwaters surging through parts of Tennessee. Il ...

Hurricanes, floods, freezes: the Louisiana city battling Covid amid chaos

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About a foot of drywall is cut out near the floor in parts of the regional health department building in the city of Lake Charles, south-west Louisiana. The roof is leaking in one room and blue painter’s tape marks th...

At least eight dead and dozens missing in Tennessee floods

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Catastrophic flooding in middle Tennessee left at least eight dead and dozens missing as rains washed away homes and rural roads on Saturday. Humphreys county sheriff Chris Davis told news outlets at least 30 people h...

Japan floods: death toll grows as rain triggers fresh landslides

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Torrential rain triggered a mudslide and more floods across Japan on Sunday, leaving three people presumed dead and forcing the evacuation of dozens of residents. A mudslide early Sunday hit a house in Okaya City in t...

Turkey floods: Heavy rains sweep away cars and leave villages without power

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Floods caused by heavy rainfall hit Turkey's northern coast on Wednesday, sweeping away cars and leaving villages without power. State broadcaster TRT Haber reported one person died in the Bartin province. The floodin...

‘A sample of hell’: Rohingya forced to rebuild camps again after deadly floods

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The process of rebuilding has begun once again for Rohingya refugees living in camps in Bangladesh after a week of heavy rains made thousands homeless. The chest-high waters that flowed through parts of Cox’s Bazar ha...

Thousands evacuate as North Korea floods damage homes and crops – video

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Più di 1,100 homes in North Korea were damaged, thousands of people evacuated and farms and roads washed away after days of heavy rains brought flooding, state media reported.

North Korea floods damage more than 1,000 homes, state media reports

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Più di 1,100 homes in North Korea were damaged, thousands of people evacuated and farms and roads washed away after days of heavy rains brought flooding, state media reported. The reports come as concern grows abou...

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