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Indian couple float to their wedding in a cooking pot along flooded streets

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An Indian couple have arrived for their wedding in unusual style after sailing through the flooded streets of their town in a cooking pot after heavy rains wrecked havoc in the southern state of Kerala. Footage shared...

Tower Bridge in London flooded after torrential rain – video

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Footage filmed from a car window shows flooding on Tower Bridge in London after torrential flooding in the capital on Tuesday.The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for rain, warning of travel disruption and p...

Belgian news crew capture moment flooded house partially collapses – video

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Belgian TV station VTM recorded the partial collapse of a house in the town of Pepinster while interviewing its mayor, Philippe Godin, on Thursday. The back wall of the flooded house began to cave in as he spoke, with...

Drowned land: hunger stalks South Sudan’s flooded villages

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After the unprecedented floods last summer, the people of Old Fangak, a small town in northern South Sudan, should be planting now. But the flood water has not receded, the people are still marooned and now they are f...