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Afghanistan flight carrying more than 100 foreign passengers lands in Doha

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A flight carrying more than 100 international passengers out of Kabul has landed in Doha, the first such civilian flight since the chaotic evacuation of 124,000 foreigners and at-risk Afghans sparked by the Taliban’s ...

Climate impact of a transatlantic flight could cost global economy $3,000

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A return flight from the UK to New York could cost the global economy more than $3,000 (£2,170) in the long run, owing to the effects of the climate crisis, according to a report. Researchers examined the economic cos...

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flight investigated by US regulators

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British entrepreneur Richard Branson’s flight on his own spaceship is under investigation from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) owing to a disturbance on his brief 11 July journey to space. Su ...

Final US evacuation flight leaves Afghanistan, ending 20-year military presence – video

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The 20-year US military presence in Afghanistan is over. The head of US Central Command, Gen Kenneth McKenzie, announced just after midnight Tuesday morning, 31 agosto, that the last flight out of Kabul was 'now clear...

Bedknobs and Broomsticks review – Disney fantasy is a bumpy flight

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Bene, hocus pocus and substitutiary locomotion! Half a century after the Disney caper cast its spell on screen, Bedknobs and Broomsticks has been transformed into a stage musical. There are extra songs, deft illusions...

Ex-Marine Pen Farthing arrives in UK with dogs and cats onboard flight

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A former Royal Marine whose campaign to secure the evacuation of his Kabul animal shelter divided opinion in Britain has told of his “mixed emotions” after arriving in Heathrow onboard a chartered flight carrying dogs...

Final UK evacuation flight purely for Afghan nationals has left Kabul airport

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The final UK evacuation flight purely for Afghan nationals has left Kabul airport, ending an often chaotic process in which about 14,000 people were airlifted out of Afghanistan by British forces in less than two week...

Ukraine denies minister’s claims of hijacked Afghanistan evacuation flight

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A Ukrainian minister has claimed a passenger jet meant to evacuate people fleeing Afghanistan to Ukraine was hijacked at gunpoint and flown instead to Iran, in an unconfirmed incident that was later denied by his own ...

Jamaica calls for deportation flight from UK to be halted over Covid fears

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The Jamaican government has called on the Home Office to halt a controversial deportation flight to the island nation scheduled to leave on Wednesday due to concerns over “importing” the Delta variant of Covid, the Gu...

Flight attendants grapple with ‘unprecedented rise’ in unruly passengers

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The latest high-profile incident of air rage in American skies came on 31 luglio. Video from a Frontier Airlines flight showed a passenger bound with duct tape to his seat, after he had acted aggressively and allegedly ...

Virgin Galactic to sell space flight tickets starting at $450,000 a seat

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Virgin Galactic has said it will open ticket sales on Thursday for space flights starting at $450,000 a seat, weeks after the company’s billionaire founder, Richard Branson, took a high profile flight to to the edge o...

One in five flight attendants endured a ‘physical incident’ as union demands action

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Nearly one in five flight attendants say they have gotten into a “physical incident” this year with a passenger, and their union is calling for criminal prosecution of people who act up on planes. A union survey supp...

Wally Funk fulfills lifelong dream to go to space with Blue Origin flight

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Wally Funk, a pilot who was denied the chance to go into space in the 1960s because she was a woman, said “I want to go again, fast”, after returning from a successful flight with the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. With ...

Virgin Galactic flight to the edge of space: your questions answered

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British business mogul Richard Branson is going to the edge of space with three other people. If the flight goes as planned, Branson will be the first billionaire to reach space on his own commercial vehicle, pipping ...

Flight bookings surge in UK after change to Covid travel list

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Airlines on Thursday reported a surge in flight bookings from the UK after the government announced that fully vaccinated passengers and their children could return from amber-listed countries without quarantine after...

NSW Covid live update: Sydney in lockdown as 30 new coronavirus cases reported and Virgin Australia flight attendant tests positive

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Millions of NSW residents have woken up to the first day of a fortnight-long lockdown, which has sparked travel restrictions across Australia, as Queensland records two community cases. Segui gli ultimi aggiornamenti

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