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Come ci siamo conosciuti: ‘The five-hour flight raced by. As we started our descent, he kissed me’

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Nell'estate del 2018, Kimberley was coming to terms with the end of a relationship. To cheer herself up, she went on holiday to Puerto Vallarta, Messico. “I’d never taken a trip by myself before but it seemed like a g...

Virgin flight turns back to replace pilot who’d not done final flying test

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A Virgin Atlantic aircraft turned back to Heathrow after it emerged the first officer had not completed his final flying test. The Airbus A330 jet was nearly 40 minutes into its journey to New York on Monday when the ...

Ohio man who groped flight attendants gets 60 days in prison

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An Ohio man who had to be restrained in his seat with tape after groping and assaulting flight attendants during a flight from Philadelphia to Miami last year has been sentenced by a federal judge to 60 days in prison...

British Airways says sorry for refusing to let Ukrainian family board flight

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British Airways has apologised after it refused to allow a Ukrainian family, including an eight-year-old girl, to board a flight to the UK despite them having all the correct travel documents. The family-of-three had ...

Consumer watchdog investigating Qantas flight credits policy

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Qantas’s flight credits policy is at the centre of a complaint to the consumer watchdog, with reports some customers have faced difficulties using vouchers after flight cancellations during the pandemic. Dean Price, un...

First all-private astronaut team lifts off for ISS in milestone SpaceX flight

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A SpaceX rocket ship has blasted off carrying the first all-private astronaut team ever launched to the International Space Station (ISS), a flight hailed by industry executives and Nasa as a milestone in the commerci...

‘We left at 5am for a 3pm flight’: travellers facing long waits at Manchester airport

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David and Jasmine Pringle had woken up at 4am to travel to Manchester airport from County Durham after Qatar Airways told them to expect huge delays for their flight to Doha. “Leaving the house at 5am for a 3pm flight...

Brisbane flight paths to be redrawn under new Morrison government plan

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The Morrison government says it will “rip up and redraw” Brisbane’s flight paths in an election-eve promise which could impact four marginal seats, three of which are held by the Liberal National party. Brisbane’s fed...

Cathay Pacific plans world’s longest passenger flight, avoiding Russia

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Cathay Pacific is planning the world’s longest passenger flight by rerouting its New York to Hong Kong service over the Atlantic instead of the Pacific, the airline has said, in a new path that steers clear of Russia....

Pete Davidson, Saturday Night Live star, to travel to space on Blue Origin flight

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Pete Davidson is heading to space. The Saturday Night Live star is among the six passengers on the next launch of Jeff Bezos’ space travel venture Blue Origin, the company announced Monday. The launch is scheduled for...

Flight cancellations and delays as ‘tech issues’ hit British Airways

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British Airways has said “significant technical issues” resulted in a number of flight cancellations and disruption across its operation on Friday. The airline said the problem, which was affecting its website, app an...

Longer flight times after Russia bans UK airlines from airspace

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UK airlines face higher fuel costs and longer journey times on flights to Asia and beyond after Russia banned British carriers from its airspace. The move came in swift response to Boris Johnson’s decision to ban Russ...

Love Big Jet TV? Meet the flight simulator streamers

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As most of us were hunkered down at home last Friday, Jerry Dyer braved Storm Eunice by livestreaming passenger jets landing at Heathrow Airport from the roof of his van. Dyer’s YouTube channel, Big Jet TV, became an ...


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UK flight compensation plan will slash average payouts

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The government’s plan to overhaul the air passenger compensation scheme has been described as a step backwards for consumers, leading to “small amounts of compensation that often won’t be worth claiming”. Earlier this...

SpaceX flight winner gives ticket to friend because he exceeded weight limit

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A Florida man who won a seat on the first space tourism flight operated by Elon Musk and SpaceX gave his ticket to a friend, because he was too heavy for blast-off. Kyle Hippchen, 43 and a Florida-based captain for D...

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