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Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie dall'Australia: Cleo Smith found alive; Scott Morrison flies home from Cop26

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Police break into house in Carnavon to rescue missing four-year-old; French ambassador Jean-Pierre Thébault prepares to address the National Press Club. Follow all the day’s news

Boris Johnson flies to New York to tighten transatlantic ties after strained summer

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Boris Johnson will fly to New York this weekend for his first foreign trip since the Covid pandemic, hoping to cement his relationship with the US president, Joe Biden, after a rocky summer marred by the chaotic Kabul...

Plantwatch: sticky carnivorous flower stalks that feast on fruit flies

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A plant has been found turning to carnivory only when it flowers. Triantha occidentalis has flower stalks smothered in small sticky hairs that are a deathtrap for small flies and beetles. Although many other plants ha...

Donald Trump vola a nord per l'estate al golf club del New Jersey

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L'ex presidente Donald Trump ha spostato la sua base operativa da Mar-a-Lago in Florida a Bedminster, New Jersey, in vista di una raccolta fondi questo fine settimana, secondo un rapporto della CNN. Trump ha fatto la mossa la scorsa settimana e io ...

Mars Ingenuity drone flies length of football field – video

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Nasa's Ingenuity helicopter stretched its rotors on Sunday 25 aprile, taking its third flight on Mars.The flight was Nasa's most ambitious to date, with Ingenuity rising to a height of five metres and then accelerating...