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Manchester City’s strive for perfection goes on as Liverpool highlight flaws

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Pep Guardiola said he didn’t want a “second of sadness” from his Manchester City side after Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Liverpool, but he also acknowledged his side had “missed an opportunity” to take a four-point lead ...

Cristiano Ronaldo hero worship does not mask Manchester United’s flaws

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They had come to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo and they got what they had come for: not one, but two opportunities to shout “Si!” as he celebrated goals with that characteristic spread of the arms and thrust of the groi...

Nationalising probation service not enough to fix flaws, warns watchdog

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Renationalising the management of offenders in the community will not be enough to put right the flaws of disastrous privatisation reforms introduced by the former Conservative minister Chris Grayling, the probation w...

We loved Shane Warne – flaws and all. Pious social media posts pointing them out serve no one

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Until Saturday morning I thought that waking up sitting bolt upright was something that only happened in the movies. Then my clock radio told me Shane Warne was dead. The shock didn’t last too long. A heart attack in ...