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Flames engulf residential tower block in Milan – video

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Firefighters have battled a high-rise blaze in Milan that spread rapidly through a 20-storey residential building and poured black smoke into the air. Residents were evacuated and the city's mayor, Giuseppe Sala, said...

Firefighters escape Tamarack wildfire by driving through flames – video

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A group of firefighters had a close escape when fast-moving flames engulfed them as they battled the Tamarack wildfire in Nebraska. After driving straight through the inferno, the crew emerged unscathed. Poor humidity...

California developers want to build a city in the grasslands. It could all go up in flames

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About an hour’s drive north of Los Angeles lies one of the last remaining pieces of the truly wild, wild west. The 270,000-acre Tejon Ranch is dotted with centuries-old native oaks. Endangered mountain lions roam the ...

Onlookers extinguish flames after man set alight outside Perth church

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Perth detectives are investigating reports a man was set alight outside an inner city church. Police say the 68-year-old suffered significant burns after he was approached by another man on Beaufort Street in Highgate...

Born in Flames review - subversiewe gees van agitprop uit die 80's leef voort

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Hier is die 1983 zero-budget ondergrondse film van die radikale feministiese regisseur Lizzie Borden (wat as Linda Borden gebore is en die naam van die beroemde '40 whacks' vrou geneem het) nou weer vrygestel na 'n onlangse restourasie. Op ...

Die week in klank: Brixton: Flames on the Frontline; The Lazarus Heist; Gangster

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Brixton: Flames on the Frontline (BBC 5 live) | BBC Sounds The Lazarus Heist (BBC World Service) | BBC SoundsGangster | BBC Sounds The start of the Brixton riots: 10 April 1981. A significant date for south London. Fo...