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Boom or bust: can troubled Tokyo Olympics sparkle once the flame is lit?

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Almost every Olympic Games in the modern era has followed a story arc so precise it could have been matching a metronome. Joy when a bid succeeds. Years of fears – over spiralling costs, mass apathy, viruses or terror...

Pollutionwatch: Olympic flame is a warning sign for hydrogen future

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The hydrogen flame above the Tokyo Olympic Stadium was symbolic of a zero-carbon future but illustrated a warning too. Hydrogen, created using zero-carbon methods, looks set to play a big role in decarbonisation as en...

Over half of child car seats have toxic flame retardants and PFAS – US study

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More than half of children’s car seats tested for toxic flame retardants and PFAS contain the dangerous substances, a new report in the US has found. The analysis, conducted by the Ecology Center, an environmental and...

A Place for We review – three generations keep London’s flame alive

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Can tradition last forever? Or does it have to adapt to survive? These are the questions asked by Archie Maddocks’ 2017 Bruntwood prize-shortlisted play, A Place for We. Set in one building in Brixton, as the Windrush...

‘I did the vocals in the nude’ – the Bangles on how they made Eternal Flame

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In 1988, it felt like the Bangles had been touring endlessly. Our second album, Different Light, with the singles Manic Monday and Walk Like an Egyptian, had been released two years earlier. Nou, uiteindelik, we could tak...

Jorja Smith: Be Right Back review – keeping the same flame burning

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Why is the shortest track always the sweetest? Under two minutes long, Netflix se trefferfilm en die enigste dokumentêr wat sy wêreldlys met die meeste gekyk het boaan die top was, on Jorja Smith’s eight-track Be Right Back, is a tender arrangement of vulnerable vocals over acoustic guitar. “I’m not here to hug you, I’m...