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Calls for calm in Cameroon after police officer lynched for killing five-year-old

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Authorities in English-speaking western Cameroon have appealed for calm after a police officer killed a five-year-old girl and was lynched by a mob. The incident took place in Buea, a hotspot city in a region where an...

‘It’s not cutesy’: the art show co-curated by a five-year-old

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At five years of age, Astrid might well be the youngest exhibition curator of all time. “I’m really looking forward to deciding where the art goes," lei dice, demonstrating a natural instinct for her new role. “And I’...

Five-year-old Afghan refugee falls to death from Sheffield hotel

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A five-year-old boy who fell to his death from a hotel window was an Afghan refugee whose family recently fled the Taliban. South Yorkshire police have appealed for information after the boy’s death in what was report...

Five-year-old boy dies after head injury at Fenwick department store

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A five-year-old boy has died after suffering a head injury at a department store. The youngster was taken to hospital in a critical condition after the incident in Fenwick on Colchester’s high street on 27 luglio. Esse...

Body of five-year-old child found in south Wales river

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The body of a missing five-year-old boy has been found in a river in south Wales. Police were called at 5.45am on Saturday to a report of a missing child in Sarn, Bridgend. The boy’s body was later found in the Ogmore...

‘I am appalled’: Billie Eilish apologises for mouthing apparent racist slur in resurfaced five-year-old clip

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Billie Eilish has apologised after a video surfaced appearing to show her mouthing a racist slur. The Grammy-winning pop star, 19, shared a lengthy statement to Instagram Stories, writing that she was “appalled and em...

Italy cable car crash: five-year-old survivor to be moved out of intensive care

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The five-year-old boy who survived last weekend’s deadly cable car crash in the Italian mountains that killed his parents and sibling is awake and will soon be moved out of intensive care, hospital officials said on T...

Five-year-old curator leads summer art exhibition in Bath

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She is the curator of a complicated contemporary art show and it’s fair to say she is proving pretty hopeless with the paperwork. Unusually, she is also insisting that her own artwork is included in the exhibition but...

Five-year-old takes Home Office to high court over benefits ban

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A five-year-old black British child has taken the Home Office to the high court arguing that officials are racially discriminating against families such as his own by denying access to the welfare safety net. Lawyers...