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Mercury prize 2021: first-time nominees dominate shortlist

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Chart-topping albums by Wolf Alice, Celeste and Mogwai feature in nominations for the 2021 Mercury prize, one of the most prestigious music awards in the UK. In a diverse list that ranges across jazz, soul, rap, elect...

First-time buyers in England offered new homes at up to 50% off

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First-time buyers in England will be able to apply for a discount of up to 50% on a new-build home under a government scheme. The First Homes initiative could save buyers £100,000 or more. But some experts say that wi...

Women’s prize for fiction shortlist entirely first-time nominees

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This year’s shortlist for the Women’s prize for fiction is made up of authors who have never been nominated for the award before, with Yaa Gyasi, Susanna Clarke and Patricia Lockwood among those competing for £30,000....

Dicci: are you a first-time buyer who won’t be helped by 95% mortgages?

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The government’s new mortgage guarantee scheme has gone live, and will support banks and building societies to offer 95% loans, meaning that buyers will, in theory, be able to buy a home with a 5% deposit. A stamp dut...

Nationwide increases amount it will lend to first-time buyers

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The UK’s biggest building society is increasing the sums it is willing to lend first-time buyers in a move it said would enable homeownership for many people who have been frozen out of the market. Nationwide will all...

House price rises and how long to fix a mortgage: Q&A for first-time buyers

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The rates on two- and five-year fixed-rate mortgages are close – at Royal Bank of Scotland, per esempio, you can fix for two years at 3.18% and for five at 3.4%, which on a £160,000 mortgage means a difference of abou...

How to get the property you want: expert tips for first-time buyers

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Buying your first home is by turns exhilarating and terrifying. Lockdown has made things even more challenging: many urban renters are considering buying somewhere out of town where they can get more home for their mo...

First-time buyers: how you can get a foot on the property ladder

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Spring is traditionally a busy time in the housing market. This year, it comes after months of frantic activity fuelled by stamp duty tax breaks, making it difficult to predict how many buyers and sellers will be hitt...

Budget means tax rises ahead – and little new for first-time buyers

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We can hardly call them “stealth tax rises” this time around, as the chancellor was at pains to spell out the impact of his decision to freeze both personal allowances and the amount you can put in your pension over y...