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Australia v India: first women’s one-day international – live!

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Eddie Jones set to leave Billy Vunipola out of first England squad of season

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Eddie Jones is set to usher in the next stage of England’s 2023 World Cup preparations when he names his first squad of the new season on Tuesday with Billy Vunipola believed to be among the senior players whose place...

Labour’s Dan Jarvis to step down as mayor of South Yorkshire after first term

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Dan Jarvis, who has spent the last three years as a Labour MP and the mayor of South Yorkshire, will not seek another term in the latter job, he has announced, saying he had never planned to carry out the dual role in...

First edition of Frankenstein sells for record breaking $1.17m

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Mary Shelley was just 18 when she dreamed up her story of a “pale student of unhallowed arts” and the “hideous phantasm of a man” he created. Now a first edition of her seminal classic of gothic horror, Frankenstein; ...

Covid booster shot vote ‘not the end of the story’ says Fauci

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A decision not to recommend booster vaccine shots for most Americans is “not the end of the story”, the White House chief medical adviser, Dr Anthony Fauci, said on Sunday, two days after a scientific panel appeared t...

Jared Polis becomes first sitting governor to marry in same-sex wedding

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Jared Polis has become the first openly gay governor in the US to marry in office. The Colorado governor and Marlon Reis, his partner of 18 jare, hosted an intimate traditional-styled Jewish wedding surrounded by clo...

Coronavirus live nuus: Austria to hear first lawsuit over resort outbreak; Africa vaccine shortfall raises risk of deadly variants, WHO warns

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Vienna court to hear civil suit over outbreak at Ischgl ski resort in March 2020; parts of Africa could become ‘breeding grounds for vaccine-resistant variants’

‘About damn time’: First Nation gets clean water after 24-year wait

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Residents of a First Nations community in Canada, who were deprived of clean drinking water for nearly a quarter of a century, can now drink from their taps after a water treatment facility became fully operational ea...

‘Dramatically more powerful’: world’s first battery-electric freight train unveiled

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The world’s first battery-electric freight train was unveiled at an event in Pittsburgh on Friday, amid a fresh attempt by some US lawmakers to slash carbon emissions from rail transport in order to address the climat...

SpaceX launches world’s first ‘amateur astronaut’ crew to orbit Earth

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SpaceX has launched the world’s first crew of “amateur astronauts” on a private flight to circle Earth for three days. Wednesday night’s successful launch marked the most ambitious leap yet in space tourism. It’s the ...

SpaceX rocket to take world’s first all-civilian crew into orbit

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The world’s first crew of “amateur astronauts” is preparing to blast off on a mission that will carry them into orbit before bringing them back down to Earth at the weekend. The four civilians, who have spent the past...

Newly discovered Tennessee Williams story published for the first time

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As soon as he crossed the border into Italy, Tennessee Williams found his health was “magically restored”. “There was the sun and there were the smiling Italians,” wrote the author of A Streetcar Named Desire in his m...

Gavin Newsom defeats recall attempt in California

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Goeie more. The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has prevailed in a recall election that had him battling for his political life. In a referendum on his leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, voters resoun...

Francine Niyonsaba becomes first athlete with DSD to break world record

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Track and field history was made in Zagreb on Tuesday night as Francine Niyonsaba became the first athlete who has identified herself as having a difference of sex development (DSD) to officially break a world record....

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