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Werner finds finishing touch in Chelsea’s stroll past Chesterfield

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The cups are shoring up Chelsea’s season. After a run of three wins in nine games that has made a title challenge extremely unlikely and cost them top spot in their Champions League group, wins in the first leg of the...

Hollie Doyle: ‘Finishing third in Spoty? It was a shock to the system’

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“It’s a strange old sport,” Hollie Doyle says as she heads into the final day of another Flat racing season which has seen her continue her rise as one of the most gifted and tactically astute jockeys in Britain. “You...

Rashford’s finishing touch helps Manchester United sink Granada

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It was one touch but it was glorious one. Half an hour into this match, Marcus Rashford watched the ball fall through the night sky, travelling sixty, seventy yards to where he was running. He caught it on his toe, ta...

Macron to close France’s elite finishing school ENA

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Emmanuel Macron is expected to officially announce on Thursday the closure of the École Nationale d’Administration, the elite French finishing school for the country’s leaders where he studied. Known as ENA, the grand...

Tuchel bans Werner from extra finishing practice and likens struggles to a date

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Thomas Tuchel drew on a dating analogy as he tried to make Timo Werner relax about his struggles in front of goal, telling the Chelsea striker that sometimes it helps to give a woman space and let her ask you out for ...