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Die 7 Fingers: Passagers review – wondrous acrobatics from Cirque du Soleil spinoff

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Turning the act of, byvoorbeeld, swinging someone by their ankles from a physical feat into a rich emotional experience is the challenge that faces contemporary circus artists, en oor die verlede 19 jare, Montreal gro...

Rail firms not alone in crossing fingers on the return of commuters

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In all the change and loss during the pandemic, few have mourned the disappearance of the daily commute. Many rail passengers, battered in preceding years by strikes on Southern, the timetabling fiasco on Northern and...

‘We’ve all got our fingers crossed’: brides and grooms across UK face agonising wait

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Elliott Brown – “groom number two” as he describes himself – is feeling a little nervous about the 95 invitations to his wedding next month that were sent out after the government announced its “roadmap to freedom” ba...

There’s magic in the fingers of spin wizards Moeen, Leach and Bess

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Moeen Ali had never been Worcestershire’s primary spinner when he was plucked out by England, although he had established himself as one of their best batsmen when he made his Test debut against Sri Lanka at Lord’s in...

Forget green fingers! Readers on 12 hardy house plants for terrible gardeners

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I picked up my Aloe juvenna from Ikea as a 3cm stub wrapped in plastic 10 jare terug. It was one of my first houseplants and survived several moves from Manchester to Peckham to Putney to a narrowboat, and is now livi...