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Websites hosting porn in UK told to enforce age checks or face fines

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UK websites and apps that host pornography and adult material – such as OnlyFans and PocketStars – must put in place strict age-verification processes or face severe financial penalties, the communications watchdog ha...

Nuisance calls could lead to multimillion-pound fines in UK

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Multimillion-pound fines could be imposed for nuisance or fraudulent calls and texts under a proposed overhaul of the UK’s data rules. Companies behind nuisance communications can be fined £500,000 by the Information ...

Ireland watchdog fines WhatsApp record sum for flouting EU privacy rules

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Ireland’s data privacy watchdog has slapped WhatsApp with a record €225m (£193m) fine for violating EU data protection rules. The Dublin-based Data Protection Commission (DPC) announced the decision on Thursday after ...

Hungary fines bookshop chain over picture book depicting LGBT families

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A bookshop chain in Hungary has been fined for selling a children’s story depicting a day in the life of a child with same-sex parents, with officials condemning the picture book for featuring such families. The pictu...

Cancer conwoman Belle Gibson’s home raided to try to recoup unpaid fines

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Authorities have again raided the home of con woman Belle Gibson, who faked brain cancer, to try to recoup her unpaid fines. The Melbourne woman was fined in 2017 for falsely claiming she cured herself of brain cancer...

The Covid fines paint a bleak picture of pandemic policing that’s going to get worse

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When the government handed the police emergency powers to detain and fine people under emergency coronavirus regulations last year, anti-racists warned that some communities would be disproportionately affected. I was...

China fines Alibaba billions for alleged market abuses

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Chinese regulators have hit e-commerce company Alibaba with a fine of 18.2bn yuan (US$2.78bn) over practices deemed to be an abuse of its dominant market position, volgens staatsbeheerde media. The Xinhua news agency ...

Displaced Syrians face losing homes to new government fines

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A legal amendment in Syria has been greeted with anger and dismay by people displaced by the civil war who are now at risk of losing homes and property they left behind unless they pay exorbitant fines to the governme...