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Embattled property firm Evergrande rattles financial markets

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China’s embattled property developer Evergrande Group has caused concern among investors worldwide. With $300bn (£220bn) owed to its creditors and key debt interest payments due on Thursday, the firm’s troubles have r...

Reading in line for points deduction over breach of EFL financial rules

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Reading are set to be deducted between six and nine points by the English Football League for breaching financial rules. The Championship club are under embargo for breaching profit and sustainability regulations and ...

Autumn budget must show financial firepower behind ‘levelling up’

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Britain’s economic recovery from lockdown is stalling and inflation is on the rise. With the approach of autumn, prophecies made earlier this year for a surge in consumer spending appear to have fallen flat, washed ou...

The west must engage with the Taliban and provide financial support

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Afghanistan is on the brink of economic meltdown. Millions of people are going hungry. Teachers and doctors are going unpaid. The social infrastructure built up over the past 20 years is collapsing, The banks are runn...

Premier League flexes financial muscle but Spain and Italy struggle

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After a summer that saw them broker the deal that made Jack Grealish the first British player sold for £100m, even for ICM Stellar Sports, the final hours of the transfer window on Tuesday were especially busy. Daniel ...

Watchdog warns UK banks of Afghanistan financial crime risks

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The UK’s financial watchdog is warning banks to review their potential exposure to financial crime in Afghanistan amid fears of resurgent terrorist activity in the country following the withdrawal of foreign troops. H...

The pandemic-induced global slump is just part of a 20-year financial crisis

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Every year since 1978 the world’s central bankers have gathered to chew the fat at Jackson Hole in the Grand Tetons. This year’s star attraction is the most influential central banker of them all – Jerome Powell – and...

Venmo voyeurs: why do we let friends see our financial transactions online?

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Would you ever want your friends to see how many taxi rides you share on a wild weekend out? Who you had Thai noodles with on any given day? With whom you split rent and living expenses? If the answer is yes, you are...

Predatory financial tactics are putting the very survival of the UK care system at risk

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The crisis in social care in the UK does not have just one cause, nor one simple solution. Chronic underfunding, an ageing population, the Brexit-induced labour shortage and the devastation wreaked by Covid-19 have al...

Cardinal denies financial crimes in biggest ever Vatican trial

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A powerful cardinal in the Roman Catholic church has been accused of financial crimes in the largest trial ever to take place within the Vatican. Cardinal Angelo Becciu, 73, once a close ally of Pope Francis, and nine...

Financial Conduct Authority to open offices in Cardiff, Belfast and Leeds

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The UK’s financial watchdog is planning to increase its presence outside the capital by opening new offices in Cardiff, Belfast and Leeds, as it follows the Bank of England and Treasury’s attempts to become less Londo...

A financial fairy tale: how one man fooled the global elite

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The place was Dubai. The star was Tina Turner. “As the American pop legend belted out Simply the Best,” write authors Simon Clark and Will Louch, “guests sipped vintage champagne served from an ice bar that was meltin...

Bank of England warns of increased risk-taking in global financial markets – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Australia Covid live updates: Sydney lockdown financial support to be announced, exposure sites in Victoria

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The package, signed off by the NSW and federal governments, will include increased payments for people who have lost work or who take time off for a coronavirus test

Tories have unhealthy financial reliance on property developers, says report

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The Conservatives have an “unhealthy financial reliance” on property developers, with more than a fifth of all donations to the party over the past decade coming from the residential property sector, a report by a lea...

Tax financial transactions to help Covid recovery, G20 told

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The world’s leading developed and developing countries have been told a tax on financial transactions could help them raise around $100bn a year to meet the costs of the Covid-19 pandemic, tackle climate change and bo...

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