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Young film-maker finds love and laughter amid the tragedy in Afghanistan’s first romcom

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There are few pavements in Kabul, so when Shahrbanoo Sadat steps out for her daily walk, she shares the roads with cars and tanks. Military helicopters swirl overhead, creating vast clouds of dust. There are thousands...

Film-maker Kevin Macdonald: ‘Oprah shaped America, but she’s unexamined

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Kevin Macdonald, a 53-year-old Scot, is a rare director equally at home in factual and feature films. His documentaries have included 2018’s Whitney, the climbing epic Touching the Void and One Day in September, an ac...

Groomed: how a film-maker learned to confront a childhood of abuse

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It wasn’t until she was knee-deep in research, making a documentary on sexual assault that would later become the film Groomed, that the film-maker Gwen van de Pas learned the word for what happened to her. Van de Pas...

I Blame Society review – film-maker turns serial killer in uneven black comedy

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Here’s a self-conscious black comedy from LA film-maker Gillian Wallace Horvat which is precariously balanced on the funny/annoying fulcrum. As Mickey Rooney might have said to Judy Garland: “Let’s make the quirky low...

‘I had to find them’: kidnapped filmmaker Mellissa Fung on her mission to find the Boko Haram girls

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The journalist and filmmaker Mellissa Fung is showing me her wound – or to be precise, the scar where her wound once was. It’s from the struggle with one of the Afghan rebels who, 12 jare terug, kidnapped Fung near Kab...

Menelik Shabazz, pioneering black British film-maker, sterf bejaardes 67

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Menelik Shabazz, the director and writer who forged a path for black film-makers in the UK, has died. The news was confirmed to the Guardian by Keith Shiri, a film curator and longtime friend of Shabazz, who said that...

Marceline. A Woman. A Century review – vibrant portrait of a fascinating film-maker

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While still little-known outside France, the inimitable Marceline Loridan-Ivens was a formidable force of nature. A Holocaust survivor, her awe-inspiring resilience is deeply felt in her works as a writer and director...

Film-maker Julia Ducournau: ‘Women kicked serious ass this year’

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“When I see a stereotype,” says French director Julia Ducournau, “I try to kill it.” She certainly did that in July by winning the top prize at the Cannes film festival. The most revered and exalted award in cinema, a ...