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‘I went wherever there was fighting’: how Sam the Wheels filmed Brixton ablaze

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‘I used to keep my camera like this,” says Clovis Salmon, putting his 1960s wind-up Kodak Brownie inside his jacket so that just the lens is poking out. “Then I don’t need to do nothing. I turn around, the camera turn...

Woman filmed rising floodwaters in Tennessee, and seconds later was drowned

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A harrowing video posted to Facebook captured the terrifying moments a woman filmed as the floodwaters surged past her house, seconds before she herself was swept to her death. The 70-second clip shows Linda Almond, ...

Giant tortoise filmed attacking and killing baby bird – video

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A Seychelles giant tortoise, a species previously thought to be a strict herbivore, has been filmed chasing and eating a baby bird. Researchers say it was the first documented example of deliberate hunting in the wild...

‘Horrifying and amazing’: giant tortoise filmed attacking and eating baby bird

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A Seychelles giant tortoise, a species previously thought to be a strict herbivore, has been filmed chasing and eating a baby bird in a “horrifying and amazing” attack, with researchers stating it was the first docume...

Sabaya: the shocking documentary filmed inside Syria’s notorious al-Hawl camp

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In August 2014, after Islamic State (Isis) militants attacked the Sinjar district in northern Iraq, Hogir Hirori realised his calling. Although he had been living in Sweden since 1999, his home town was only about two...

Man who filmed Grenfell Tower model on bonfire faces retrial

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A man who filmed a video of a cardboard model of Grenfell Tower being burned on a bonfire will face a second trial, the high court has ruled. Paul Bussetti was accused of sending a “grossly offensive” video on WhatsAp...

Man filmed accosting Chris Whitty loses job as estate agent

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A man who was called a “thug” by Boris Johnson after being filmed accosting Prof Chris Whitty has apologised for “any upset I caused”. Lewis Hughes, 24, said if he made England’s chief medical officer feel “uncomforta...

ExxonMobil lobbyists filmed saying oil giant’s support for carbon tax a PR ploy

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Lobbyists for ExxonMobil have described the oil giant’s backing for a carbon tax as a public relations ploy intended to stall more serious measures to combat the climate crisis. Two senior lobbyists based in Washingto...

Tiener wat George Floyd se dood verfilm het, spreek hom uit: 'Dit het my verander'

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'N Jaar nadat sy George Floyd se moord op haar selfoon opgeneem het, Darnella Frazier, nou 18, 'n openbare verklaring oor haar blywende hartseer oor Floyd se dood bekend gemaak, en hoe die trauma haar en haar nege jaar beïnvloed het..

‘I cried so hard’: teen who filmed killing of George Floyd celebrates guilty verdict

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Darnella Frazier was just 17 last summer when she used her cellphone to film Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck until he died. Op Dinsdag, after a Minneapolis jury found the former police officer guilty on ...

Teen says Greater Manchester police officer throttled him. This is what his friend filmed – video

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Greater Manchester police have launched an internal investigation after a teenager said an officer throttled him following a protest on Saturday. Footage of the incident shows the student pressed against a police van ...

Myanmar: police filmed assaulting medics in CCTV footage – video

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Warning: graphic footage. CCTV images published by Radio Free Asia has captured police stopping and shooting at an ambulance and detaining three medics onboard. The vision shows police assaulting the medics, kicking a...