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The women filling jails in Argentina for drug offences – a photo essay

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Paola left her home when she was 13 to escape abuse and violence. She lived on the streets for five years until she became pregnant. Her boyfriend left her when he found out. Without work and food, Paola agreed to dea...

The grounded backpackers filling their gap years with volunteering

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Djembe Askins had planned to be very far from home this summer, travelling around south-east Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Then the pandemic hit. But rather than completely abandon his gap year-style trip, the 24-y...

Petrol price rises: average cost of filling a car tops £100

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The average cost of filling a typical family car with petrol has exceeded £100 for the first time on what was labelled a “truly dark day” for drivers. Figures from data firm Experian Catalist show the average price of...

Why filling up the average family car in the UK has topped £100

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The cost of filling an average family car with petrol has topped £100 on what has been labelled a “truly dark” day for drivers on Thursday. A multitude of factors have combined to leave Britons facing pain at the pump...

The Guardian view on the dentist shortage: a gap that needs filling

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Rotten teeth are rarely life-threatening, thanks to antibiotics. Tooth loss mainly affects people in later life and is strongly associated with ageing and decline – a subject that many people prefer not to think about...

They have agents, do auditions and can still steal a scene after filling their nappies – meet the baby actors

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When their son was seven months old, strangers used to ask Kat West and Jaime Vallés if they fed him sedatives. "No, I don’t drug my baby!” West recalls with mock incredulity. “That was the weirdest question.” But it ...