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Senate Democrats pitch new voting bill in effort to break filibuster logjam– live

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• Freedom to Vote Act includes wide-ranging reforms in compromise• Senator threatens to subpoena defense secretary over Afghan pullout

House Democrats tell Senate: exempt voting rights bill from filibuster

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Top Democrats in the House are spearheading a new effort to convince the Senate to carve out a historic exception to the filibuster that would allow them to push through their marquee voting rights and election reform...

Why a filibuster showdown in the US Senate is unavoidable

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Geseënde Donderdag, During Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office, there are few issues more pressing than the escalating attack on the right to vote in America. Democrats may be running out of time to address it. As Repub...

The McConnell filibuster is not the same as the Jim Crow filibuster – it’s much worse

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President Obama chooses his words carefully. So last July, when he punctuated his eulogy to the civil rights legend John Lewis by calling the Senate filibuster “another relic of Jim Crow”, he wasn’t messing around. Ma...

Senate filibuster reform would produce ‘nuclear winter’, says Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell, who was accused of laying waste to bipartisan co-operation in the Senate when he blocked a supreme court pick by Barack Obama then changed the rules to hurry through three picks for Donald Trump, has ...