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‘Fiery as ever’: Romesh Ranganathan replaces Anne Robinson for Weakest Link reboot

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Romesh Ranganathan is to host a rebooted version of the TV quizshow The Weakest Link, formerly presented by Anne Robinson. The 43-year-old comic will present the series, which is said to be returning to the BBC in a S...

Fiery fairways at Augusta National to provide major test at Masters

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A safe distance from the gates of Augusta National, badge selling appears slow. Parting with $600 would secure a practice-day ticket. A Thursday-Sunday package costs between $8,000 en $9,000, depending on the ability...

Manhattenhenge: miserable Memorial Day weather mars biannual fiery display

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Manhattanhenge, a spectacular biannual sight in which the setting sun aligns perfectly with the street grid system on the island at the heart of New York City, was set to be obscured by damp and gloomy weather on Satu...

The new circus comes to town: fiery support for Donald Trump at rain-soaked Florida rally

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Their trust in Trump remains unshaken. Supporters of Donald Trump, the former US president, gathered in their thousands at a rain-soaked rally in Florida on Saturday unmoved by criminal charges against his business. ...

Tokyo Rose review – fiery musical revolves around radio DJ’s fight for justice

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This real-life story of Iva Toguri tells of an innocent young woman caught in the tangle of historical and wartime bigotries. Toguri, who came to be known as “Tokyo Rose”, was an American citizen who visited Japan in ...