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Long-lost Canova sculpture bought for couple’s garden could fetch £8m

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It was one of the last marble sculptures completed by the great Italian artist Antonio Canova before his death in 1822 and depicts Mary Magdalene in a state of ecstasy. But Maddelena Giacente (Recumbent Magdalene) – o...

Sneakers designed by Virgil Abloh fetch $25m, with one pair going for $350,000

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An auction of 200 pairs of the Louis Vuitton and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers created by late American designer Virgil Abloh have fetched a total of $25m, Sotheby’s said. The most paid for one of the pairs was more than...

Einstein’s notes on theory of relativity set to fetch millions at auction

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Albert Einstein’s handwritten notes on the theory of relativity are being auctioned in Paris on Tuesday and are expected to fetch millions of euros. “This is without a doubt the most valuable Einstein manuscript ever ...

Marie Antoinette’s diamond bracelets fetch £7m at auction

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Two diamond bracelets that Marie Antoinette sent away in a wooden chest for safekeeping before she was guillotined during the French Revolution, have sold at auction in Geneva for 7.46m Swiss francs (£7.04m). The sum ...

Eerste sent swart seël kan tot £6 miljoen op 'n veiling haal

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Dit was minder as een vierkante duim en het net 'n sent gekos, maar dit het 'n rewolusie in kommunikasie geloods. Nou die eerste "pennie swart", die posseël met 'n afbeelding van koningin Victoria se profiel, word verwag om jou te gaan haal...