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Field of dreams: the best music festivals still available to book

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Portable toilets and pop-up tents, the heady mix of mud and glitter … there is no form of entertainment we’ve missed more during the pandemic than the Great British music festival. It’s no surprise that we are champin...

‘Roll on the summer of love’: UK music festivals on song after Covid closures

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For a while it felt so far away: listening to your favourite artist, pints flying overhead, queueing for portable toilets, losing your friends and finding new ones. But after two years of cancellations and delays, mus...

Outdoor vibes: 10 of Britain’s best wild festivals for 2022

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Ready to get in touch with your inner child? Expect good clean fun at this “summer camp for adults” – no less than 100 activities, run by monitors decked out in retro Scout uniforms, are included in your ticket. Leave...

All systems glow: 10 of the UK’s best winter light festivals

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Light trails and shows are more popular than ever this Covid-ridden winter: inventive and mostly outdoors, they brighten the long, dark nights. For those of us drawn to their sparkle, the good news is they’re not just...

Covid nuus regstreeks: India records smallest daily rise in cases in 18 months despite festivals

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India’s daily Covid cases saw the slimmest daily rise in one-and-a-half-years despite recent large festivals such as Diwali as vaccination and antibody levels rise

Edinburgh festivals’ recovery could take a decade, says director

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A senior figure in the Edinburgh festivals has said it could take the rest of the decade before the events fully recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Nick Barley, the director of the Edinburgh international book festiv...

‘This is a public health issue’: can Covid-era music festivals ever be safe?

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It could have been an image from 2019 – a sea of mostly unmasked faces, shoulder to shoulder, singing to live music in Chicago’s Grant Park. The mass gathering of about 100,000 people daily for Lollapalooza 2021, een ...

The Guardian view on the Edinburgh festivals: signs of rebirth

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The Edinburgh festivals are back – but not as we know them. Last year was the first time since their founding in 1947 that the international festival and its restless, noisy sibling, the fringe, were cancelled. The Ed...

Still game: Edinburgh’s 2021 fringe is a return to the festival’s roots

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On the wall in my kitchen is a calendar made by Edinburgh theatre critic Thom Dibdin. Hierdie keer verlede jaar, he and his photographer brother Peter took a set of pictures of Edinburgh festival venues that were shut becau...

Tramlines and Standon Calling music festivals confirmed to go ahead

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Sheffield’s Tramlines festival will go ahead as part of the UK government’s Events Research Programme (ERP), as uncertainty begins to ease around the viability of large-scale events for the rest of the summer. Taking ...

UK festivals organisers need urgent help, sê LP’s

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Dozens of festivals are facing “devastating consequences to their survival” this summer amid confusion within government over how a £1.57bn post-Covid arts fund will affect the sector, parliament’s spending watchdog h...

It’s not just music festivals suffering

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Arts festivals in towns and cities across Britain are suffering just as much as music festivals (Summer festivals are crying out for help – but the Tories don’t want to hear it, 20 Junie). The one in Wirksworth, Derbys...

Peter Gabriel calls on UK government to underwrite festivals

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Peter Gabriel, the musician turned festival organiser, has called for a government-backed insurance scheme for festivals this summer after the delay to large events cast doubt over their prospects. The government on M...

Not quite ready to rock … festivals’ return hit by lack of loos and tents

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Over the past year, the traditional sounds of the festival summer – the drone of guitar feedback, the smack of drumstick on snare – have been silenced by the pandemic. Op Vrydag, they’ll finally be blowing the dust of...

More than a quarter of UK music festivals cancelled over insurance fears

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More than a quarter of music festivals due to take place in the UK this year have been cancelled as a result of government inaction on event insurance, research has found. According to the Association of Independent F...

‘Parasitic’ ticket touts ‘undermining music festivals’ Covid tracing’

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Efforts to make summer music festivals Covid safe are being undermined by “parasitic” ticket touts and resale sites such as Viagogo and StubHub, leading music industry figures have warned. A Guardian investigation fou...

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