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Just before we started fertility treatment, my partner left me

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The dilemma I’m in my mid-30s and was in a relationship for 10 years with someone I love very deeply and thought I’d grow old with. We recently started to have medically assisted IUI with donor sperm (we’re lesbians) ...

UK fertility watchdog could recommend scrapping donor anonymity law

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The fertility watchdog is considering whether to recommend scrapping anonymity for future sperm and egg donors as part of an expected overhaul of UK fertility laws. Peter Thompson, the chief executive of the Human Fer...

‘Every time I find a new sibling, it’s like I’m ruining their life’: the fertility doctor who went rogue

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Plenty of true crime documentaries revel in the cold case, doling out narratively complete stories that can be presented with the comforting buffer of history. Our Father, available on Netflix from Wednesday, is diffe...

Fertility myths put millions off contraception, UN report warns

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Myths and misinformation surrounding the use of contraception are putting women off using modern family planning methods, the UN population fund has warned, as figures showed that nearly half of all pregnancies worldw...

Fall in fertility rates may be linked to fossil fuel pollution, trova studio

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Decreasing fertility rates may be linked to pollution caused by fossil fuel burning, a review of scientific studies has found. Negli ultimi 50 years childbirth has steadily decreased. The study focused on Denmark, bu...

Five fertility clinic patients awarded $15m after failure of freezing tank

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Five patients of a California fertility center have been awarded a total of $15m after a freezing tank failed, rendering some of more than 3,500 frozen human embryos and eggs unviable. While the extent of the damage f...