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Female Royal Navy staff back calls for rape cases to be tried in civilian courts

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A serving member of the Royal Navy, who took legal action against the Ministry of Defence after her rape case collapsed, has backed calls for serious offences to be investigated and tried through the civilian courts r...

Valérie Pécresse: the ‘bulldozer’ who would be France’s first female president

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When Valérie Pécresse crossed rural France this summer, visiting farms and villages to escape what she called her grotesquely unfair image as a “blond bourgeoise” from Versailles, she promised to smash the French Repu...

Mia Mottley: Barbados’ first female leader on a mission to transform island

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A republic has been proposed and postponed by Barbadian prime ministers for decades. Battling a pandemic that has devastated the country’s tourism economy, Mia Mottley, the country’s first female leader, had ample exc...

Nationwide appoints Debbie Crosbie as first female chief executive

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Nationwide has appointed Debbie Crosbie as the first female chief executive in the building society’s 175-year history. The 51-year-old, who has led the turnaround of the troubled bank TSB as its chief executive since...

‘They can’t silence us’: the female lawyers defending Colombia’s environment

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Julia Figueroa never leaves her house without security. She travels with two bodyguards and an armoured vehicle. Her home and office are watched around the clock. She carefully monitors any devices that might contain ...

Honduras om eerste vroulike president te kry nadat regerende party 'n nederlaag erken het

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Honduras se regerende party het 'n nederlaag in presidensiële verkiesings erken, gee oorwinning aan die linkse opposisiekandidaat Xiomara Castro en verlig vrese vir nog 'n betwiste stemming en gewelddadige betogings. Tegucigalpa kan ...

TV vanaand: how a rap about female sexual desire became a global hit

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When Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B dropped WAP in the middle of a pandemic, it inevitably became The Moment in pop culture. But does a Wet Ass Pussy rap perpetuate the male gaze or was it a stroke of feminist geniu...

Swede se eerste vroulike premier bedank minder as 12 ure in werk – video

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Swede se eerste vroulike premier, die sosiaal-demokratiese Magdalena Andersson, het minder as bedank 12 ure in die werk toe haar koalisie ineengestort het. Andersson het 'n besluit deur die Groen party gesê, die junior party ...

Swede se eerste vroulike premier bedank ná minder as 12 ure

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Swede se eerste vroulike premier, die sosiaal-demokratiese Magdalena Andersson, het minder as bedank 12 ure in die werk toe haar koalisie ineengestort het, die land in verdere politieke onsekerheid gedompel het. Verskillende...

‘If I can get a plane into the sky, I can do anything’: female Afghan pilot refuses to be grounded

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Sitting alone in her small flat in Bulgaria, Mohadese Mirzaee contemplates the future. Three months ago, she left behind her family, and her dream job, in Afghanistan. By 23, Mirzaee was the country’s first female com...

Ons het meer vroulike leiers nodig in die stryd teen klimaatsverandering

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In 'n roerende toespraak by die opening van die Cop26-wêreldleiersberaad, Mia Mottley, premier van Barbados, gevra: “Wanneer sal leiers lei?" Die probleem wat sy geïdentifiseer het, is dat "beide ambisie en nodige gesigte n...

'Wonderlik en wonderlik': vroulike Kaliforniese kondore kan voortplant sonder mannetjies

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Die Kaliforniese kondor is die grootste vlieënde voël in Noord-Amerika, met 'n vlerkspan van 10 voet wat dit in staat stel om tot 15 000 voet te styg - byna die helfte van die hoogte van 'n kommersiële vliegtuig. Nou kan die voëls op nog 'n superla aanspraak maak..

Blue plaque for first practising female barrister Helena Normanton unveiled

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Helena Normanton, the first woman to practise as a barrister and lead murder trials in the English courts, has been honoured with a blue plaque at her former London home. The trailblazing lawyer was also the first fem...

Female directors wait longer than men for their big break, report reveals

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Television documentary teams in Britain today are full of ambitious and capable women but most of them have to wait much longer than their male colleagues to become directors and earn a bigger wage. The findings of th...

Female Spanish thriller writer Carmen Mola revealed to be three men

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A million euro literary prize has lured three Spanish men out of anonymity, to reveal that they are behind ultra-violent Spanish crime thrillers marketed as the work of “Spain’s Elena Ferrante” The men had published u...

Teachers’ pension scheme: female retirees receive 28% less than men

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Female teachers are typically retiring on much smaller pensions than their male counterparts, research has found, with part-time working one of the biggest factors eroding women’s retirement incomes. Analysis of payou...

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