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2011 and all that: England’s last Ashes win in Australia still feels like a dream

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Op Vrydag 7 Januarie, 2011, Mike Skinner posted a short new video on YouTube; it showed him asleep on his sofa, an empty tea cup by his head, a crumpled carry pack of beer at his feet, while he read, in voice over, die...

When Amazon came to town: Swindon feels strain as new depot sucks up jobs

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On an industrial estate outside Swindon, it’s the busiest time of year at Amazon’s newest warehouse in Britain. Black boxes rattle along miles of conveyor belt, carrying everything from toys to painkillers amid a caco...

‘Nobody feels unsafe here’: gay footballer Josh Cavallo told he is welcome at Qatar World Cup

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Australian footballer Josh Cavallo would be welcome at next year’s World Cup, the chief executive of the tournament in Qatar has said, despite the country’s laws against homosexuality. The Adelaide United player, wie ...

Life feels a bit out of kilter, but Covid is not the only reason

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Aren’t things a bit… weird right now? Aren’t they? A bit odd? Everywhere I look Britain seems to be glitching slightly, news melting under the gentlest light, people fixed in 10-minute yawns. Last week I was walking t...

'Die hele plek voel verkeerd': stemme van regoor Amerika oor wat die klimaatkrisis gesteel het

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Die jubel van die Parys-klimaatooreenkoms, waar afgevaardigdes van regoor die wêreld triomfantlik verklaar het dat die klimaatkrisis uiteindelik getem sou word, sal vir baie in die VSA in die ses jaar sedertdien baie hol gevoel het..

‘It feels almost naughty to leave’: For returned Australians open borders bring new dilemmas

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To live and work overseas is a rite of passage for many Australians. Life abroad, egter, took on a new sense of fragility with the rise of Covid-19. More than a million Australian citizens were forced to choose betw...

Oplettende Eddie Jones voel tuis as Engeland se buitestander

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Eddie Jones het nog altyd soos 'n buitestander gevoel, en doen steeds. “'n Australiese afrigting in Engelse rugby,” vertel die Engelse rugby-hoofafrigter in die jongste episode van Life Lessons: Van Sport and Beyond. "In Japan, h...

Student ‘still feels vulnerable on nights out’ five years after alleged spiking

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A former art student who had to use a walking stick and lost the use of her hand for weeks after she believes she was spiked has said she still feels vulnerable going out, five years after the alleged incident. Polly ...

Verteerde week: it feels outrageous to have a cold again

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It’s a feature of single parenting that you have to outsource some aspects of your children’s education to people beyond the immediate family. Where a partner or spouse might fill in your gaps, friends must be called ...

‘Clay feels perverse’ – Theaster Gates on working on Obama’s library and going back to pottery

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Theaster Gates likes to get his hands dirty. His two new London exhibitions are dedicated to clay, and in one there’s a film of him singing with great gusto as he throws a pot. So it feels a shame not to be meeting on...

Metroid Dread review – Nintendo’s horror-tinged sci-fi feels oddly hollow

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The recipe for a Metroid game is clear and concise: there’s a labyrinthine system of rooms and corridors, an oppressive science-fiction environment, an escalating series of power-ups. A good-feeling gun. A great-feeli...

‘It feels really natural’: hundreds pose nude for Spencer Tunick shoot near Dead Sea

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Hundreds of models wearing only white body paint have walked across a stark desert expanse near the Dead Sea, part of the latest photography project of American artist Spencer Tunick. The 54-year-old photographer visi...

‘It feels unreal’: elation and trepidation as Sydney businesses reopen after NSW lockdown

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There was so much excitement and demand for haircuts on Monday that Moustafa Elrifai opened his salon in Lakemba an hour early. “When I opened my eyes today, I was crying, I swear to God. I hadn’t opened the shop in m...

‘It feels like the start of something’: Reginald Dwayne Betts on his groundbreaking prison library project

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When Reginald Dwayne Betts fell in love with poetry as a young man, his reading options were limited. He could not spend aimless hours in the library, nor have access to boundless titles, nor browse shelves at will. C...

Charlotte Purdue feels running for Team GB ‘tainted’ after Olympics snub

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Charlotte Purdue, one of Britain’s top marathon runners, says her desire to represent her country has been “tainted” after she was controversially left out of the Tokyo Olympics. The 30-year-old, who is in bullishly i...

Amir Khan feels removal from American Airlines flight ‘racially motivated’

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The British professional boxer Amir Khan has said he felt his removal from an American Airlines flight in the US was racially motivated. Khan, who was born and raised in Bolton by his Pakistani parents, said he and hi...

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