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Emotional by Leonard Mlodinow review – the new thinking about feelings

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Emotions are as messy as they are fascinating, not just personally but scientifically, pure. Although we are sure we know them when we feel them, it’s hard to even say what counts as an emotion. Anger, sadness and disg...

Gladys Berejiklian Icac hearing live updates: former premier denies ‘feelings’ stopped her from reporting Daryl Maguire

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Independent Commission Against Corruption hearings into the former premier’s dealings with Daryl Maguire continue for a second day. Segui in diretta

Elton John: ‘I can still explode at any moment. I just have terrible feelings about myself’

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A good illustration of Elton John in 2021 is how, la settimana scorsa, he scored the eighth UK No 1 single of his career and also had his right hip replaced. The 74-year-old certainly has his frailties – “my left hip is the hip...

The right shouldn’t own uncomfortable feelings about ending a pregnancy

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Like many people, I’ve been thinking about the women in Texas, a US state that is now in the business of forced births. When you consider how pregnancy is dated from the first day of a woman’s last period, its newly i...

Macho review – hope and fragile feelings in a tough townscape

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The setting is a social club in Easington, Contea di Durham. An ex mining town, it’s the kind of place where pit closures have, over the decades, left men lacking purpose, pride and paid employment. Amid the pints and th...

If Mother’s Day brings out conflicted feelings in you, it’s OK. You’re not alone

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Half our holidays are punitive, at least for those left out of what the the holiday is supposed to celebrate. If you don’t have money for gifts and a thriving family life or just avoid events at the intersection of Je...